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3 Ways for K-12 Schools to Improve Incident and Problem Management

07/15/2014 by: The SunView Team

K-12 schools face unique challenges trying to establish effective support strategies because they often need to help parents and similar stakeholders access materials in a variety of ways. This creates an unpredictable environment in which support teams cannot easily anticipate the devices and network systems customers will be using to access information. Essentially, this setting forces the IT service desk to function as a consumer support group, not a business service team. This can be a difficult balancing act to pull off as the service desk still needs to provide internal support for faculty and staff while also offering responsive help to other customers.

With such diverse support requirements in place, there are three key areas of emphasis service desk teams in K-12 schools should focus on:

1. Advanced Ticketing
Supporting parents effectively hinges on being able to prioritize operations to ensure support workers can get to support tickets from parents as quickly and efficiently as possible. Working on an internal project while a parent's incident is left waiting in an inbox is not an acceptable outcome. Sophisticated ticketing solutions make it much easier to prioritize different tasks and ensure customers are able to get the help that they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2. Problem Management
You can't afford to have parents facing the same incidents over and over again. This will leave your customers frustrated and less willing to engage with the technologies you offer. Problem management solutions resolve this issue by tracking common incidents and identifying the underlying problems that cause them, letting you make the necessary adjustments to the configuration.

3. Change Management
Being able to efficiently change the IT configuration to support customer demands is critical to engaging with parents effectively and keeping them on board with various technology service strategies. However, schools also face incredible regulatory pressure that strictly dictates how they need to protect data. This results in an environment in which change can be fraught with risk. A good change management platform not only alleviates that risk, it also creates a built-in audit trail that makes it easier to stand up to regulatory scrutiny.

Service desk teams at K-12 educational institutions face the unique challenge of having to balance internal demands with those of parents. In addition, there are educational goals that are often focused on getting parents more involved in the process through technology giving them more visibility. Support teams responding to these trends need to be able to depend on specialized service desk tools that let them prioritize tasks that involve supporting parents.

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