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3 Ways Change Management is Key as BYOD Rises in Real Estate

10/29/2014 by: The SunView Team

Real estate agencies are beginning to free their workers to get the job done using their personal smartphones and tablets. This process can be incredibly empowering for workers because it lets them use technology that they are already comfortable with to support key work tasks.

According to a recent Property Casualty 360 magazine report, BYOD has evolved in real estate to such a degree that agents can complete just about any transactional or information-related task away from the office, making it much easier for those employees to work with customers more effectively. However, responding to BYOD is creating major challenges for IT teams that are trying to figure out ways to integrate the diverse devices that are used by various workers.

Change management solutions can play a key role in helping your agency deal with BYOD. Here are a few ways that it accomplishes this task:

1. Simplify Background Changes
Many configuration changes need to be made to ensure mobile devices are supported effectively without putting data at risk. Information gets to users working on smartphones in some unique ways, and getting in the infrastructure to ensure data workflows are safe often means making various changes to different systems. Making these changes quickly and efficiently can make BYOD easier to deal with and help organizations empower workers.

2. Get New Operating Systems on Board
Every time a new operating system is introduced, application configurations need to be changed to support the new OS. This can lead to more glitches and infrastructure adjustments to maximize resources effectively. Without change management, getting different OSs integrated into the stable of what IT can support can prove incredibly time consuming. Change management makes it easier to accelerate these processes while minimizing risk.

3. Improve Transparency
Transparency and control are major issues for IT teams trying to deal with BYOD. Change management solutions increase visibility into the IT configuration and also make it easier to schedule, coordinate and communicate various change processes. The end result is a situation in which both the underlying infrastructure and the processes used to make adjustments are documented and managed in such a way that transparency is created and changes are easier to deal with.

BYOD forces IT teams to constantly make small changes based on users introducing new devices and operating systems into the configuration. A good change management platform creates the flexibility, responsiveness and transparency needed to adjust to these changes and empower real estate agents to maximize the value of their personal smartphones and tablets.