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3 Ways BYOD is Making Service Catalogs Essential

09/30/2014 by: The SunView Team

Investing in the IT service desk can be a huge boost when organizations are trying to keep up with the demands created by the bring-your-own-device movement. In particular, putting resources into the service catalog enables organizations to create user-friendly portals containing apps, services and key information. BYOD has always been important for businesses, but this is a time of year when the focus on BYOD is especially clear.

The holiday season is just around the corner and back-to-school sales have just ended. This is the time for new device releases. Smartphone and tablet manufacturers are coming out with new solutions and businesses that want to support BYOD need to be ready to meet the needs of users running new devices.

Three key ways in which investing in the service catalog can support BYOD include:

1. Make it Easier for Users to Access Apps
Employees that come into work with a new phone need to download all of the apps and services they normally use. Taking the time to download apps, verify login credentials and manage licenses can be a complicated and time consuming process. Giving users access to a service catalog lets them handle many of these tasks on their own and automate the secondary processes that come into play when getting a new personal device ready for use in the enterprise.

2. Simplify Device Management Setup
Many businesses are running specialized mobile device management platforms to make it easier for IT teams to ensure users are following proper policies and procedures when performing work tasks on personal devices. Getting new smartphones and tablets configured to integrate with MDM platforms and similar specialized enterprise solutions is often a complex and challenging issue. Service catalogs can serve as a resource to help users handle their end of registering their devices and pass the rest of the processes onto IT with relative ease.

3. Give Users Access to key Information
Personal smartphones and tablets create a wide range of operational challenges and users need to be kept informed of formal policies, best practices and advice about how they can best use their personal mobile device in the workplace. Furthermore, users will often run into minor glitches and issues that they can easily solve on their own with the help of FAQ pages and forums in the service catalog. All told, these solutions come together to provide broad assistance to users who may face a variety of challenges when working with mobile devices.

The season of new smartphones and tablets is upon us, and effective service catalog investments help companies keep up with new difficulties as they arise.