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3 Ways Process Automation Helps You Get The Most From Your Service Desk

04/06/2016 by: The SunView Team

Your employees are your greatest asset on the IT service desk. Technologies and process strategies are vital, but they are ultimately restricted by the capabilities of your workers. Having an IT service desk that creates clear process frameworks, for example, isn't going to help you much if your employees are so busy that they stop following best practices because they feel overwhelmed. You need your IT service desk solution to put your workers in the best possible position for success, and process automation tools make that possible.

Automation sometimes gets a bad rap as a technology that helps you replace people with software or machinery. While this is sometimes the case, automation also serves as a tool to empower your workers. This is especially evident in the IT service desk, where many businesses face roadblocks to innovation because their employees are spending the vast majority of their time putting out proverbial operational fires. This is where automation becomes extremely valuable. Streamlining repeatable processes lets your workers spend more time on projects that drive revenue creation and innovation. Three ways automation can make this happen on your service desk include:

1. Getting Rid of Basic Incidents
So many minor technical problems facing business users can be resolved through incredibly simple, repeatable processes. For example, every time a user forgets his/her password or runs into a similar login problem, the easiest resolution is usually to reset the user account and let the individual create a new password from there. The messages that need to be sent to users and background tasks that must be completed are the same for each incident, and you don't need to have your support teams spending significant amounts of time dealing with such basic issues.

Password resets aren't the only simple, common incident type that organizations deal with on a frequent basis. A service desk that lets you automate resolution processes, whether through a self-service portal or alternative tools, can prove invaluable in helping your staff otherwise work at its full potential.

2. Streamline Documentation
Tracking processes is a critical regulatory concern on the service desk, particularly as organizations face mounting pressure to accelerate operations. As IT support teams work to get the job done faster, they must also document each process to ensure they can go back to work logs and undo any tasks that had unintended consequences. They also must maintain proper documentation to ensure that support tickets don't end up slipping through the cracks.

The problem with documentation is that, despite its usefulness, it is incredibly time consuming and tedious for employees. Automating documentation gives you all of the benefits of such processes without putting a strain on your support team.

3. Eliminate Human Error
People are prone to make the occasional mistake, especially if they are dealing with boring or tedious processes. It is easy to disengage from work when one is bored, something that can easily happen when your highly trained support workers are asked to spend significant amounts of time and energy handling basic tasks. You put extensive time and training into helping your workers learn new skills and develop into excellent service desk workers. It can be frustrating when all of this internal education comes to naught and you find your support team making many errors. The problem may be that your employees are not challenged, not that they aren't good enough.

Automating the boring, repeatable processes in your service desk prevents mistakes from happening in the first place. It also ensures that your workers have more time to focus on the most important work, leaving them more engaged on a day-to-day basis.

Getting the most out of your service desk depends on maximizing the potential of your employees, and strategic process automation makes that possible.