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3 Ways an Efficient Service Desk Solution Can Lead to ITSM Paradise

06/09/2016 by: The SunView Team

Is there such a thing as a truly perfect digital workplace? Can it be obtained, or will it perpetually be just beyond our grasp?

Well, that all depends on your definition of "perfect."

If you're an IT professional envisioning a world where software always runs the way it's intended to and users never file service requests, you might as well wish for a fleet of friendly unicorns that can fan your servers with palm fronds and serve you root beer from gold chalices.

However, if your idea of a perfect digital workplace consists of consummate customer service, optimized work order management and accelerated time to release, you're in luck. That's a fantasy you can attain.

Before you reach that virtual utopia, you'll need to learn exactly what makes the best digital workplaces tick and whether you and your team has the wherewithal to master the challenges that lie between you and your goal. The road ahead will no doubt be dangerous, so you best arm yourself with a few magic potions and the worthiest service desk suite as your faithful companion.

Think of it like a tech-savvy version of the trials of Hercules. Unsheathe your service desk, prove your worth in the IT arena, and you too can achieve godlike operations in your digital workplace!

1. Speed

According to a MetricNet study, the average technician receives anywhere between 120 and 200 service requests every working month depending on the industry in which he or she works. With automated service desk solutions fielding end-user incidents and performing valuable duties like regression testing on proposed changes to the configuration, technicians can harness the agility of not just a single deity, but the whole pantheon.

2. Transparency

You, your team and ITSM end users don't have to travel far to get answers to your toughest predicaments. Let your service desk guide you on your path to enlightenment by offering ITSM staff intuitive customizable dashboards and process visualizations for every service ticket. End users will also appreciate self-service portals equipped with knowledge base resources, real-time request updates and a direct line of contact to IT technicians in case things get really nightmarish.

3. Oneness
IT technicians must balance all the different moving parts they oversee, while utilizing consolidation as well as prioritization to prevent chilled deployment.

Sometimes, that can feel like single-handedly keeping the planets aligned, but with the right service desk software, it doesn't have to. Consider investing in a service desk that brings together all the different elements of ITSM into one interface: incident management, problem management, change management, knowledge base and more. To end-users, you'll look like Atlas propping up the Earth on your shoulders - when in reality, you're barely breaking a sweat.