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3 Ways A Stagnant Help Desk Could Be Holding Back Your Business

04/08/2016 by: The SunView Team

Innovation is becoming a central part of modern IT departments, but the discipline hasn't always been a major proponent of enterprise IT. Instead, technology teams have historically focused almost exclusively on stability, with the goal being to create a solid technological framework for business users to operate through. As such, enterprise IT and support teams tended to focus on using tried-and-true solutions, being slow to develop new projects and developing new functions primarily after they became relatively common across the industry. These days are disappearing. In their place, an era focused on constant innovation and flexibility is rising.

Many IT teams lack the support and service management infrastructure they need to create a culture of innovation. Failing to make strategic investments in your IT service desk can hold your business back, leaving you playing catch-up with competitors. Three ways a stagnant help desk will limit your potential for innovation include:

1. Keeping Your IT Teams Too Busy
Urgency is a tyrant. It forces people to keep themselves occupied on tasks, often menial or unimportant, because the time sensitivity of those processes demands action. While individuals spend their time dealing with urgent issues, they keep pushing back more important matters that aren't time sensitive, and eventually end up rushing those operations when they do eventually become urgent. Many IT departments fall under the sway of urgency because they have too much to do, particularly in terms of handling user incidents and other basic support tasks.

Companies can use advanced ITSM modules to overcome these problems through automation and similar technologies, but companies that let their ITSM capabilities stagnate tend to lack the flexibility needed to effectively prioritize different tasks. Being too busy is a major challenge for many IT teams, and a service desk that has fallen behind your operational requirements can exacerbate the issue.

2. Slowing Down Your Business
Longstanding IT service desk models have tended to focus on giving IT and support teams all the power they need to resolve incidents for users. Modern IT service management solutions are increasingly incorporating self-service tools into the solution, empowering business users to resolve basic issues on their own. The risk here is minimal - you can use forums, checklists, guides and automation tools to provide fool-proof self-service capabilities. At the same time, enterprise employees don't need to sit back while waiting for the IT or support team to respond to their ticket. Instead, they merely need to login to the platform and solve the issue for themselves. Failing to innovate by taking advantage of self-service functions can limit the innovation potential in your business.

3. Limiting Your Ability to Keep Up With Technology Trends
Many technology movements - agile development, mobile computing and consumerization, to name a few - are coming together to alter the landscape of IT departments. The way organizations consume technology, the speed at which they need new solutions deployed and the frequency with which they are developing proprietary apps are all increasing. Companies that are stuck in legacy operational methods will be unable to adequately respond to these trends and keep up with the pace of innovation around the IT sector. You need your IT and support teams to be fast, responsive and capable of creative problem solving. Legacy ITSM functions aren't going to achieve that end, and failing to innovate can cause your business to stagnate.

Failing to upgrade your service desk isn't just going to slow doesn't just slow down your support team. It has the potential to limit your entire business, particularly in terms of preventing your organization from developing innovative solutions.

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