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3 Ways a Service Desk Platform Improves Employee Onboarding

03/09/2015 by: The SunView Team

Getting a new employee onboard is more challenging than it may seem at first glance. Any IT or support worker that has partnered with HR to get a new employee set up knows that there are a bunch of key processes that need to be completed in conjunction with one another and in line with both organizational and industry regulatory guidelines. These processes include everything from setting up new devices, creating passwords, securely storing key personal information and ensuring the worker has access to any access control authorization he/she needs.

All of these onboarding processes require IT, support and HR teams to work alongside one another to communicate when different tasks need to be completed and pass along key information. The IT service desk can make this collaboration much easier. Here are a few ways that the service desk accomplishes this goal:

1. Automating processes
Everything can slow to a crawl when an HR worker has to stop and manually enter data and send an alert email over to IT or support teams, hoping that they get the email in a timely manner and take the next step of the process correctly. Service desk solutions feature process automation tools that can handle many of these tasks. For example, if employee data needs to be copied into an HR and an IT database, the system can automatically replicate that data and alert all parties involved, saving somebody from having to manually enter information twice. Similarly, the automation platform can recognize when certain processes have been completed and inform the next stakeholder that they have a new task to perform.

All told, automation simplifies onboarding by allowing workers to worry less about how they'll collaborate and focus more energy on completing tasks efficiently.

2. Coordinating timelines
Making sure IT gets a workstation set up in time for the new worker, an HR representative is available to get key information and documentation in a timely manner, managers are available for training and online accounts are configured for the new employee is key. You don't want a new worker to spend his or her first day waiting around the office for other people to be available. You want him/her to be engaged in training, meeting new people and having access to the tools needed to perform important tasks. Coordinating schedules to make this possible isn't easy, but service desk tools let you put various schedules side by side and coordinate activities easily based on that information. This makes it much easier to efficiently organize the first few days for a new employee.

3. Providing self-service tools
You can't afford to have a seasoned employee with a new worker at all times, otherwise the productivity drop is substantial. Many organizations make sure new employees can complete many training tasks without direct supervision, alleviating the orientation burden on managers, IT workers and HR employees. Self-service tools can play a critical role in this process. A good self-service portal will allow users to set up login credentials for apps and services, get their personal mobile device ready for work and access training documents pertaining to interacting with IT and support teams.

When taken together, these core ways to use a service desk to support new employee onboarding make the entire process much more efficient and cost effective. Hiring new workers can put a huge burden on an organization, but having effective onboarding strategies in place makes it easier to overcome these challenges and get employees up to speed faster. The result is less lag in productivity as new workers are hired and significant potential for a return on investment.