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3 Trends Making Release Management Essential

08/04/2014 by: The SunView Team

Change and Release Management go hand-in-hand in today's busy IT Organization but a release focus often take a backseat in many operational settings. Maximizing efficiency requires that the release operations are not just an afterthought and a variety of technology trends are coming together to make this more important than ever.

A few of those trends are:

1. Agile Development
The rise of agile methodologies is leading to a significant increase in the number of application releases organizations need to deal with on an ongoing basis. Agile is built around delivering iterative updates to apps and services, creating an environment in which new updates and patches are coming out on a frequent basis. This results in a challenging operational climate as the various tasks that go into releasing an application across the entire IT configuration need to be handled more frequently, creating major operational challenges. Overcoming these issues depends on not only having a good change solution, but also using release management systems to optimize processes.

2. Mobile Device Use
The bring-your-own-device movement is creating an operational climate in which IT teams need to release a variety of versions of an application to handle the diverse operating systems that are used when supporting BYOD. This, combined with agile development, can create an almost continual release process in which IT constantly needs to be working to release new versions of applications to meet the need of various user groups within an organization.

3. Data Center Without Walls
Organizations are increasingly hosting assets in a combination of internal data centers, colocation facilities and cloud environments. This is leading to an environment in which the corporate data center functions without traditional boundaries. Instead of being limited by physical walls, today businesses expand in a variety of ways, making the only walls that remain virtual. The problem here is that applications may need to be released across multiple environments. One app update may need to be released within the internal data center and in a hosted private cloud housed in a colocation facility.

All of these trends unite to create a unique operational climate in which organizations must find ways to release applications more effectively. Focusing on release management tools can offer a combination of automation and process coordination that resolves many of the challenges created by contemporary IT trends, making it easier for IT teams to deal with the volume and variety of release tasks.