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3 Traits of an Excellent ITSM Team

03/17/2015 by: The SunView Team

Businesses often talk about how people are their greatest asset, only to find themselves needing to put so many resources into other developmental areas that their workers get left behind. Organizations developing IT service management strategies need to remember that, regardless of the technology they are using, they are likely going to struggle to maximize the value of their plans unless they work to get the best out of their employees. This can mean performing internal training, being more careful about who you hire or even choosing to pay higher salaries so you can be sure you are attractive to the best talent in the industry.

A recent report from Service Management Journey told a personal story that the writer experienced when talking with an ITSM manager. Essentially, the manager was trying to figure out the best way to handle an upgrade to support new change, incident and service request management capabilities, and needed to find the right staff. In the end, the author recommended that the manager doesn't just hire five or six workers to spread out the load and get the job done. Instead, it would be better to have three skilled advocates - people who can go beyond simply using the solution and are also capable of championing its benefits.

Effectively, you need your high-level service management team leaders to be able to understand and communicate the benefits of the work they are doing to the rest of the team so that everybody is more engaged. A few of these advocates is better than having more workers, the report explained.

With quality becoming so vital, organizations need to think about what really makes a service desk team tick. Let's take a look at three traits of any good support team:

1. Creative
A good service desk team will be able to think creativ to solve problems and identify areas where operations can be improved. Your support workers can be your greatest asset when it comes to finding ways to improve operations, and if your employees are empowered to move beyond just going through the motions of resolving issues, they can be freed to contribute to the bigger picture. You don't need to have every member of your team thinking in broad, abstract terms, but you need to make sure the group has enough creative problem solvers that those individuals can work with their more pragmatic peers to fuel efficient operations.

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2. Disciplined
There are many documentation and knowledge sharing tasks that come up in the ITSM segment that are often difficult to get workers to support properly. Frequent incidents should be documented in the knowledge center so they can be resolved without trouble later. Processes that interact with regulatory guidelines should be recorded so you don't have to worry about problems if you are audited. These types of basic tasks often fall by the wayside when ITSM teams get busy, but a good team will have the discipline needed to stay on top of these tasks even during the most stressful times.

3. Well-trained
You can't put all of the onus on your individual team members to be the best. A good service desk group should be well-trained by the organization, positioning them for success. This means doing much more than just initial orientation, as offering opportunities for professional growth over time can keep workers engaged and empower them to be their best. If you want to have the best support team possible, make sure you are allocating the time and resources to properly train them on the job.

Quality matters. If you want your support team members to be able to take on the role of service desk advocates, you need to make sure they are creative, disciplined and well-trained to meet a variety of operational demands.