3 Tips for Reducing the Most Common Help Desk Request

02/13/2013 by: The SunView Team

Do you know how much time help desks spend dealing with the same monotonous questions? The answer is...a lot!

A survey conducted by HDI, the IT service and technical support association, conveyed that the #1 most common help desk question is related to password reset. Organizations reported that more than 30% of help desk requests were related to password reset. These requests often take employees' time away from reacting to more critical issues.

This is how a typical call might go:

"I can't login to my system this morning. It worked on Friday, but now it's Monday, and I can't access my system to do my work. Have I been locked out of the system?"

"Neither. You were supposed to change your password Friday afternoon."

Don't feel embarrassed if this has happened to you because odds are, it has. At some point or another, you forgot you changed your password or at least forgot what it was. The average person has about seven passwords that are usually changed every so often for security reasons. Therefore, it is inevitable that passwords will be forgotten and mixed up.

Password reset takes the #1 spot for the most common help desk request because of people's tendency to look for the easiest solution to their problem. If people think calling the help desk is the most efficient way to solve their problem, that's the route they'll choose. The biggest failure is that help desks organizations don't spend enough time educating users on alternative options for solving the problem such as a complete Service Catalog and Knowledge Base, or the alternatives are too complex and time consuming.

The number of calls regarding this topic can be reduced by simply following one or more of these tips:

  1. Actively register everyone at the company for an automated password reset function.
  2. Instruct help desk staff to encourage and educate callers to use self-help or automated password reset options.
  3. Set up an automated voice system or a service catalog entry to walk callers through the self-service option.

Follow these tips, and you could reduce your password reset calls by 20%.

What are some of your most common help desk requests?

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