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3 Tips For Implementing a Change Management Strategy

01/21/2015 by: The SunView Team

Change management is becoming a huge priority as organizations in a variety of sectors face pressure to deal with more change in IT. From the need to frequently add new employee mobile devices to the network to releasing frequent application updates, rolling out cloud subscriptions or adjusting the internal configuration, change is a common theme across the entire IT industry. With such an emphasis on change, and incredibly complex infrastructure and software environments to deal with, change management is becoming a huge priority. Following these three tips can ensure you get your change management strategy off on the right foot:

1. Automate Intelligently
Process automation is a vital tool within any change management program. Automating key communication tasks, and even some virtual machine provisioning and similar technical operations, can alleviate the operational burdens facing your IT staff. Automation can free your IT workers from many tedious processes, giving them more time and focus to apply to complex parts of the change, helping to avoid human error and ensure operations go off without a hitch.

2. Establish Effective Authorizations
Change authorization is a tricky matter. On one hand, it is imperative that managers have enough visibility into operations to limit human error, provide assistance for complex tasks and offer governance to ensure change operations are handled effectively. On the other, having too many required authorizations can slow change operations to a crawl and get in the way of a smooth, productive process. Finding the right balance is critical.

Building a CMDB can help in this area. A configuration management database provides transparency and visibility that is vital for change tasks and can serve as a central platform for authorization management.

3. Train Your Workers
Change operations are complex enough on their own. You don't need your IT and support teams trying to figure out the nuances of the change management module along the way. Effective training can ensure that best practices are clearly established and become habit before new change processes go live. Furthermore, teaching your employees the new processes can help you get input about how they will impact operations in unexpected ways that may not be clear to management, providing vital insight before putting the change management platform into production.

Establishing best practices for change management within an organization is becoming more important than ever, and the right IT service management software can play a vital role in empowering companies to build a sophisticated and elegant setup. Once the right software is in place, following these tips can help you ensure an effective implementation.