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3 Things You Should Know About ITSM

02/02/2015 by: The SunView Team

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about IT service management. In fact, we just published a new ebook detailing 50 Reasons You Need ITSM. With so much going on in your ITSM plans, it can be easy to get distracted from the best practices you need to follow. Here are three things you should always keep in mind when considering ITSM strategies:

1. Don't Neglect Service Design
IT service management solutions simplify many aspects of delivering services to users by creating clear process frameworks that IT and support teams need to work with. This simplicity can lead to organizations taking shortcuts in service design because the ITSM system provides the flexibility needed to respond to unexpected situations. De-emphasizing service design is an easy pitfall to experience when deploying ITSM solutions, but organizations that focus on creating the best possible service schemes can position themselves to maximize the value of their ITSM plans and create strategies that benefit both business and technology users.

2. Don't Over-Automate
Automation is one of the nicest parts of an ITSM plan. Everybody on your staff may breathe a sigh of relief to hear about a tedious, cumbersome process that will now be handled by the software. This is great, but organizations can get into trouble if they automate too deeply and end up eliminating the key human intelligence on their service desk. The goal of automation is to empower your employees by eliminating the tasks that get in their way so they can spend more time on high-thinking operations. If you automate too many processes, your workers can end up feeling disconnected from what is happening on the service desk and lack the context they need to make effective decisions. Balancing automation with human input is key when turning to advanced ITSM solutions..

3. Establish a Long-Term Roadmap
ITSM solutions are a huge investment and it is possible to do so much with the right software that most organization's cannot afford to do everything at once. Instead of trying to do too much and ending up with shelfware, implement precisely what you need now and establish a clear path forward. This long-term thinking can position your organization to make continual, incremental ITSM progress without breaking the bank or putting excess stress on deployment teams.

A good ITSM plan can deliver a huge return on investment in a variety of ways. Understanding these three key dynamics about ITSM can lay the groundwork for long-term ITSM success.

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