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3 Steps to Improve Operational Efficiency to Support Sustainability Goals

10/09/2013 by: The SunView Team

Help Desk, Service Desk

Finding ways to develop more efficient data center operations can contribute to much more sustainable operations. In many cases, time is the greatest barrier to sustainability. If you want to have a more sustainable data center, you have to give IT teams the time and resources they need to develop effective strategies and put them into practice. A sophisticated IT service desk that offers elements of automation can be the key to freeing IT teams to spend more time on sustainability plans.

1. Understand the value of time in sustainability efforts
There are many energy-efficiency strategies that take little more than time to handle. Aisle containment, for example, is simply a matter of hanging plastic sheets along the data center aisles to keep cold air heading where it needs to go and hot air in specific locations. This can be an incredibly inexpensive sustainability plan that delivers an incredible return on investment. Finding success with aisle containment depends on identifying which aisles should be hot aisles, which should be cold and how hardware needs to be moved to maximize the value of the plan.

There are plenty of strategies like aisle containment that are cheap and relatively simple, but require time and effort. IT teams often can't get away from end-user problems and change management tasks for long enough to put these efforts into place. This is where an efficient service desk really comes in handy.

2. Use the service desk to create more time
Automating incident management, creating an effective service catalog and develop a self-help knowledge center can enable many core service management tasks to be performed without any input from IT teams. Throw in change management functions, and the complex tasks become easier to deal with. The end result is a situation in which IT workers have more time on their hands and more opportunities to create revenue through sustainability plans.

3. Compound the initial benefits of more time for efficiency plans
Improving operations enables IT teams to handle sustainability low-hanging fruit. After a few months of basic energy-efficiency gains, a company could start to see their operational costs decline substantially. This can free up fiscal resources to kick off more sophisticated and substantial sustainability programs. The end results are gains that continue to build upon one another, all created by an initial strategic investment in service desk solutions that improve operational efficiency.

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