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3 Steps to Getting the Service Desk Ready for Private Clouds

07/03/2014 by: The SunView Team

The IT service desk often faces new challenges as different technological models rise in enterprise environments. However, some new technologies are much more disruptive than others, and the cloud is among the more difficult new solutions for IT organizations to deal with. Businesses that are building private clouds need to be prepared to support much more robust service management functions to meet end-user demands, and companies may need to be ready to handle these issues, as the private cloud is rising fast.

Speaking at the recent Cloud Factory conference, which took place in scenic Banff, Canada, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger explained that that the private cloud is becoming a prominent option for businesses, particularly because IT leaders are choosing to keep their systems in house instead of turning to the public cloud, Venture Beat reported.

"On-premises cloud is a $2 trillion market … 92 percent of cloud is on-premises," Gelsinger told audiences at the event, according to the news source. "And Gartner says that by 2020 it will still be 77 percent."

With the private cloud set to have such a huge impact on IT strategies moving forward, CIOs need to make sure their service desk plans are ready to support the technology. Following these steps can help you get off on the right foot when it comes to dealing with private clouds:

Step 1: Turn to automation
Automation and orchestration are the key difference between a highly virtualized data center environment and a private cloud. If issues like virtual machine provisioning and other data center operations are going to be automated, support teams are going to need to accelerate their processes to keep up. Business process automation plays a critical role in this area as it enables support team members to use scripts to automate key repeatable processes. This can be applied to everything from common incidents to ticket prioritization, allowing the service desk to operate much more efficiently.

The private cloud is built around the idea of improving IT efficiency by eliminating inefficiencies in the data center and streamlining processes. Organizations that want to find success in this area need to also improve other facets of their operations, like the service desk.

Step 2: Implement problem management
The private cloud drives innovation so quickly that businesses can find themselves struggling to keep up with everyday operations. This can prove incredibly problematic for companies because it leaves them constantly playing catch-up and never really getting ahead of the technology issues facing them. Problem management is a vital solution in this area because it enables support teams to identify the underlying problems that cause incidents and glitches.

Problem management proactively tracks the incidents that come to support and help service desk teams identify the root causes of those issues. The end result is a situation in which IT can get ahead of issues and more proactively keep up with the pace of private cloud operations.

Step 3: Put a CMDB in place
Private clouds create incredible complexity that IT teams need to deal with any time they need to make even the slightest change. A CMDB enables organizations to track every configuration item in the IT setup, including the intricacies of the private cloud. This makes change much, much easier as you can use the CMDB to identify all of the ways the adjustment will impact the IT setup.

Private cloud complexity can rise quickly, and a CMDB gives organizations the transparency they need to track every configuration item and make sure they are using resources as effectively as possible.

Many businesses are turning to the private cloud, and with good reason. Organizations that want to maximize the value of their private cloud setup need to get their service desk ready for the technology.