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3 Signs Your Ticketing System Needs to be Upgraded

04/02/2014 by: The SunView Team

Help desk, IT ticketing

Let's face it, if you're an IT worker or a help desk representative, chances are you've seen some ticketing solutions that are a mess. You know that good communication and collaboration is important, but you also know that plenty of companies are willing to say something like, "we can get away with just using SharePoint for that, right? Yeah, email and SharePoint are great, let's just take this slice of the help desk budget and put it somewhere else." From there, you've probably proceeded to spend the day banging your head against your desk while pretending your inbox isn't getting overcrowded with support requests.

Technology leaders may understand why you need a good ticketing solution, but you have to be able to convince business leaders that they need it if you want to get the money to put into a new solution. Here are three signs you need a ticketing upgrade; and you can use these to demonstrate the business value of a new solution.

Sign #1: You're using email or SharePoint
When a business leader asks if you can get by with email, ask them if the workers they supervise can get by with just email. Remind them that people are going social - they are using mobile devices, and they are, essentially, moving away from traditional communication tools and working toward consumer-like collaboration functionality. Business operations are driving a shift in how people work together and get help.

Use this trend to illustrate why email-based ticketing systems are ineffective in the help desk and convince business leaders that they need to set aside funds for an upgrade.

Sign #2: SLAs aren't being met
This one may be easier to sell because while corporate finance managers may not care if your life is miserable because of a messy inbox, they do care if their service level agreements are not being met. Show the people controlling fiscal decisions how better ticketing can improve SLA management - prioritizing service requests - and they may be more likely to support a new project.

Sign #3: Tasks are slipping through the cracks
A help desk team can't afford to have tickets go unnoticed, but that is precisely what can happen if an email or SharePoint system is in use. All it takes for a mistake is one person opening an email, recognizing that they'll have to come back to the issue later, and forgetting about it. Using this example will help your decision makers understand the tight-rope act created by an email-based system is causing mistakes.

Not every company needs to develop a robust service management setup, but a good help desk with advanced ticketing systems can create incredible business and IT value.