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3 Signs You Should Invest in a New Service Desk

09/24/2014 by: The SunView Team

Establishing a new IT service desk can be an intimidating process, but new technology delivery models and sophisticated service desk architectures are coming together to make this process much easier. Cloud-based service desk solutions are easing deployment and leading vendors that are emphasizing flexibility and scalability are letting organizations purchase the solution they need for the moment and gradually upgrade based on future needs. With these opportunities to ease service desk investment, it's important to understand when it is time to move on to a new solution.

There are a few ways to identify when you need a new service desk, but three key signs are:

1. Overflowing tickets
Getting such a high volume of support tickets that the software can't keep up is a clear indication that a new service desk is necessary. Your solution needs to be able to take on a large number of tickets, distribute them to users effectively and handle nuanced tasks like prioritizing support requests and automating repeatable workflows. If the ticketing system you have in place is facing too many support requests to meet all of these needs, you need to seriously consider investing in an entirely new system because ticketing is such a core part of the service desk.

2. Rigid workflows
Adaptability is increasingly important in IT departments as organizations are facing many challenges across a variety of areas brought on by trends like cloud computing, big data, increased video use and widespread mobile device use. These trends are unifying to create the consumerization of IT and forcing IT to constantly revisit its processes to ensure it maintains control over IT while empowering users to leverage technology like they would as consumers.

Having adaptable service desk systems in place that can make it easier to adjust workflows on the fly while taking advantage of automation and other advanced features. If your service desk can't keep up with the workflow challenges you are facing, then you need to seriously consider getting a new solution.

3. An upgrade is too expensive
Upgrading a service desk should be simpler and less expensive than investing in a new service desk, but this isn't always the case. In fact, legacy service desk models are often so difficult to upgrade that investing in a new solution is a much more cost-efficient option. This is especially true as cloud-based service desk solutions are available. Putting a new service desk into place can help you get all the features you need and spend less than you would just making an upgrade.

Making a service desk investment can be tricky, but some operational situations dictate that you're better off purchasing a new solution.