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3 Reasons to Strive for ITSM Maturity

10/10/2014 by: The SunView Team

Moving from a homegrown help desk built around email or SharePoint to an advanced help desk is only the first step in a long process of becoming a mature IT organization. However, many organizations end up stuck at this step. To some degree, this is understandable as, in the past, help desks were so expensive and difficult to install that making an upgrade was too disruptive to feasibly accomplish. This has changed, however, and modern IT service management solutions are making it easier to start with a help desk and gradually add modules, ticketing solutions and specialized solutions to become a more mature IT organization.

With moving to a more advanced IT service management system becoming a realistic option, here are a few reasons why you should strive for IT maturity:

1. Businesses are becoming more dependent on technology
This isn't the age of the personal computer any longer, it is the age of the Web. Business users can use the Internet to leverage everything from advanced cloud applications to big data. The result is an environment in which any IT problem means a direct loss of productivity. Organizations that want to keep up with the changes that come with dependence on IT need to be sure they are well positioned to manage IT systems and services efficiently.

2. Business users are becoming more comfortable with technology
As organizations become more dependent on IT, non-technology employees are becoming more capable of using personal devices to get the job done. As users become more familiar with technology and comfortable using it, they are demanding more from IT. This is leading to a movement toward consumerization that puts pressure on technology teams to become more reliable, responsive and efficient.

3. ROI is more important than ever in IT
Many organizations are operating with increased pressure to deliver a return on investment in every phase of operations, and this focus on value has made its way to IT. ITSM investments position IT organizations to avoid losses caused by downtime and inefficiency while also creating direct value by empowering business users through advanced solutions like service catalogs.

Continually evolving to a more mature IT setup can be challenging, but organizations are facing a variety of conditions that make striving for IT maturity essential. The right ITSM investments can go a long way toward helping a company maximize the value of its technologies and support both business and IT goals effectively.