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3 Reasons People Choose Cloud for ITSM

09/06/2012 by: The SunView Team

Cloud is no longer just a buzz word, it is reality. Companies are shifting into the cloud with solutions for document creation, email, and storage. While IT departments focus heavily on the needs of the business, they have their own solution needs. Finding and implementing an IT Service Management solution can be a daunting task. IT departments are turning to cloud solutions for three main reasons that expedite the buying and implementation process.

1. Ease and Speed of Implementation
When choosing a Service Desk solution, a cloud-based solution provides a fast and easy implementation. On-premises solutions require the involvement of an IT infrastructure team in order to set up the server, database and network resources for your ITSM solution. Being able to schedule these in demand resources may delay your implementation by weeks or months. A cloud-based Service Desk eliminates the need to setup infrastructure, thus accelerating the implementation schedule.

2. No Hardware or Software Concerns
Since the software is always online, you don't have to worry about server capacity, software updates or any of the backbone required to run an enterprise level solution. Simply access the cloud-based interface and you are instantly running the latest version of the software, eliminating the need for a dedicated IT resource to manage the required infrastructure.

3. Pricing Allows for Operation Expense
In order to run an enterprise level solution, you can build your business case with operational expenses verses a capital investment and expenses. It is often easier to get approval for the license fee on a monthly expense basis, helping to get your project approved and started faster.

The first step is always to find the right provider in order to evaluate their solution to insure it fits your need to implement a cloud-based fully-integrated and out-of-the-box ITIL solution.