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3 Reasons Higher-Ed Institutions Need Advanced Ticketing Systems

05/08/2014 by: The SunView Team

Advanced ticketing architectures are key components of any IT service desk or help desk system , but some organizations try to get by with homegrown solutions that lack robust ticketing functionality. This is prevalent in higher education, where institutions often have small IT teams without the time or budget to invest in advanced service desk systems . This is starting to change, however, as technological requirements are rising across academia and more institutions need service desk functionality to meet the needs of both faculty and students.

Three standout reasons why institutions of higher education need ticketing systems include:

1. Widespread Mobile Device Use
The bring-your-own-device movement is having a major impact on academia, an issue that is forcing many colleges and universities to push for innovation in how they manage their IT services.

  • Faculty: Faculty and staff members can use smartphones and tablets to complete a wide array of operations, letting them record grades, document interactions with students and complete key research more flexibly. However, faculty members can be incredibly dependent on a wide range of device types, applications and services when they complete these tasks. This creates considerable complexity from a service management perspective and often creates a rise in incident management tasks. As such, a good ticketing solution plays a critical role in ensuring faculty members get a rapid response to any problems they are having.
  • Students: Students increasingly depend on mobile devices for just about every facet of their education. This results in a scenario in which any outages or downtime can be incredibly detrimental to day-to-day learning. Institutions cannot afford to have technology problems hold back their students, and good ticketing systems are integral to ensuring users are able to make full use of contemporary mobile technologies without risk.

2. Data Security Challenges
Colleges and universities consistently handle large quantities of sensitive data. Having a good ticketing solution is integral to identifying risk as quickly as possible and ensuring incidents and problems that create security issues are dealt with efficiently.

  • Faculty: Teachers are increasingly able to enter and access sensitive data through Web applications that are accessible on a variety of device types. Having secure access to data, and certainty that information will not be compromised, is integral to enabling faculty to perform key operations as flexibly as possible.
  • Students: The issue here is similar to the problems facing faculty - students are frequently transmitting important data through applications and need to be sure that data and content will be safe. Ticketing is key here because effective solutions enable IT teams to identify potential security problems and glitches quickly.

3. Enabling Innovation
Driving positive IT growth is extremely important as academia matures into an incredibly technology-dependent sector. Expectations are changing in the industry, and organizations that handle day-to-day functions, like ticketing, well can give themselves more time to focus on innovation.

  • Faculty: Finding better ways to teach, accessing data more flexibly, performing industry-defining research and connecting with students in a variety of ways is integral to the work of faculty members in colleges and universities. Being able to support these operations through advanced applications and services is key. IT teams with a solid ticketing foundation can handle everyday incidents more effectively, freeing them to focus on release management, problems and other more complex issues that drive innovation.
  • Students: In many ways, students drive the innovation coming to colleges and universities. Students often bring familiarity with cutting-edge applications and hardware systems with them to college expecting to have convenience, easy access to advanced resources and other sophisticated tools to help them learn.

Academia is changing into a technology-driven sector. This creates incredible complexity that makes advanced ticketing systems necessary for success. IT teams in academia can use ticketing to improve operations for both faculty and students while creating more opportunities for innovation.

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