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3 Reasons Change Management is Key in the Era of Mobile Computing

05/20/2015 by: The SunView Team

The mobile device revolution is upon us. Smartphones, tablets and even wearable devices are beginning to have an impact on enterprise IT trends. These new computing tools let users access a diverse range of apps and services from any location with an Internet connection, and increased LTE penetration is making access to quality mobile networks extremely accessible. All told, mobile devices are changing the way people work, and this is leading to new demands in terms of how businesses manage their apps and services.

The diverse range of devices being used in the enterprise means that IT teams need to be ready to support the wide array of operating systems and interfaces that users will be accessing. This results in a situation in which you need to be ready to deal with frequent iterative releases as apps get patched and updated to meet the needs of different users. Investing in change management is key as these frequent releases make constant changes necessary. Three major reasons to embrace change management in response to widespread mobile device use are:

1. Dealing with Continuous Integration
Agile development is combining with the need to release versions of apps that are optimized for different operating systems to create a situation in which organizations are releasing new apps on an almost continual basis. Add to this the fact that many organizations are beginning to develop more proprietary apps, and you are looking at a situation in which IT teams will need to continually change the IT configuration to support these new releases.

It is possible to automate many server provisioning tasks. There are also many processes that go into making IT changes that can be automated. However, all of this efficiency can come to a halt if your IT and support teams are left waiting around for managerial approvals. Modern change management solutions are emphasizing automated documentation so that users can make changes immediately and managers can retroactively analyze the change and undo it if there are problems. This lets your teams operate at the pace needed to handle continuous integration while keeping risk under control.

2. Responding to New Devices
As users continue to bring their personal devices to work, more new types of mobile devices will need to be added and accounted for on the enterprise IT network. You may not need to adjust your infrastructure setup for each new device, but if you fail to understand how these solutions impact the IT configuration, you can end up making changes that have an adverse impact on productivity because you do not understand how users are accessing different apps and services.

Supplementing your core change management platform with a well-populated CMDB will give you the visibility you need to understand how data gets to end users, letting you ensure operational stability when making complex changes.

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3. Preparing for Regulatory Challenges
Mobile devices create new regulatory demands as organizations need to make sure they are adequately protecting data and documenting their processes so they can prove they are following best practices. The frequent configuration changes and complex data usage patterns make complying with regulatory standards more difficult when you are dealing with diverse device types. A change management platform will automatically document the various changes that you make to the configuration, show who made various changes and help you show that you are following various regulatory standards.

Supporting mobile devices is complicated because you need to get your IT team to operate faster, more efficiently and with incredible control over the configuration. Modern change management platforms are empowering businesses to create the balance of control and efficiency they need to deal with widespread mobile device use.