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3 Misconceptions About Taking ITSM Beyond IT

09/09/2014 by: The SunView Team

Bringing IT service management principles to business processes can enable automation, efficiency and cost savings in line-of-business departments. However, some organizations fall prey to misconceptions that lead them to think they can't apply service desk principles beyond the IT department. Let's take a look at a few of those misconceptions and how the service desk can impact business processes.

1. IT Processes Don't Apply to Business Units
This misconception is common among organizations. It is true that each department, whether it is IT, marketing, accounting or sales, will have its own unique process requirements. As such, not every process management framework will work the same in each operational area. However, many organizations are also finding that creating strict process silos creates major operational challenges when different groups need to work together and collaborate - something that is becoming more common among businesses.

IT is central to this process of breaking down operational silos. Marketing departments and sales teams are increasingly sharing customer relationship management and business intelligence data. Facilities teams face such complex technologies in their day-to-day operations that they need better scheduling. Human resources departments must deal with such complex regulatory guidelines that they are increasingly using digital records management. As each business department becomes more dependent on IT, they start to take on IT-like processes and benefit substantially from this effort.

2. We Want to Keep IT and Business Processes Segregated
The idea of not letting business users get distracted by technical processes is admirable, but companies are so dependent on IT systems that having some interaction with IT processes is necessary. The difference in productivity comes in how you handle it. Using service desk capabilities for line-of-business teams helps users quickly and efficiently deal with the various technical processes they interact with or the non-technical operations that follow similar frameworks. This can lead to major efficiency gains as it helps companies deal with their increasing dependence on IT.

3. Service Management is for IT, and Only Impacts Business Users When They Deal With Technology
The move toward IT service management comes as IT teams have noticed more demand to take a customer-centric approach to operations. Customers wanted more control, better responsiveness and access to ways to solve their problems on their own. These internal customer demands are the same issues that businesses are facing trying to reach consumers. As such, taking service management processes and applying them to business functionality can help organizations adapt their everyday operations to changing customer demands.

ITSM suites increasingly include line-of-business functionality, and organizations that look past common misconceptions can leverage these solutions for significant gains.