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3 Ideas to Improve the Image of IT

06/10/2013 by: The SunView Team

Mirror IT

Improving the image of the IT Organization is important to not just those in IT, but the entire enterprise. We in IT often forget to think of our service offering in the realm of retail. If you called a customer service person on your new TV, what would you expect from the rep? We need to remember, that the "Customer is King" and we are here to serve.

The best Service Desk Analysts are the ones with:

  • A good deal of tech knowledge
  • Great, easy to use tools for managing the customer issues
  • A great understanding of the customer needs and
  • The Most important is superior people skills

If you are looking for a new Service Desk, to help your Analysts with their customer issue resolution, check out the offer below.

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As I have said in an earlier post, Doing the Math for Service Desk ROI -

€¦ when users are asked to name the items that are very important in overall satisfaction with IT, they name Service Desk (84%) and Desktop Support (47%). Wow, the numbers are staggering. This isn't satisfaction with the Service Desk, this is satisfaction with the IT department. That is correct, the other 96% of your budget.

Well, a recent post on the TechRepublic, Improve the image of your IT department, hits many of the issues facing the image of the IT Organization.

Here are the 3 keys to improving your IT Organization's "not so shiny" image.

Demonstrate that you're human beingsThe most common mistake made by IT departments is that they forget that the majority of their work is customer-service based. This means that there is a great deal of human interaction required and you must learn to deal with other people.

Communicate and educateMaintaining communication with users as well as continuously educating them will improve your IT department's image and efficiency.

Be personable and avoid jargonFinally, the simplest thing you can do to improve you IT department's image is to just be personable. If you are friendly and patient with users, then they will give you the same courtesy. The "golden rule" applies well here€¦

Remember that your budget for the Service Desk is small compared to the complete budget for IT. But it is the majority of your customer facing operation, impacting your image across the entire enterprise. Good luck with your image polishing. It is an effort that will pay the IT Organization back across the board.

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