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3 Creative Ways to Pitch Your Service Desk Replacement Project

02/03/2015 by: The SunView Team

When it comes time to consider a new IT service desk, chances are that you can get your IT and support teams to give you dozens of good reasons to look for a new solution. However, many of those issues may not translate well when you have to go before a CFO who only really cares about the financial health of the organization. You need to find a way to demonstrate the fiscal impact on a service desk upgrade if you want to get permission to put the project of your dreams into place. In the enterprise, value is everything.

With that in mind, you may need to get a bit creative pitching your ideas for a new service desk. Here are three options to keep in mind.

1. Show off a Worst-Case Scenario
Panic is an excellent motivator. Show your CFO how a misplayed change can cause databases to get published in a public place. Showcase a recent story about a problematic change that causes an extended outage because somebody pushed the wrong button. You could also provide data from your own system showing how much user productivity is lost while people wait for basic incidents to get resolved. If you make the worst-case scenario clear, even a financial miser will be able to look past the raw numbers and understand the positive implications of an upgrade.

The goal here will be to showcase just how much can be lost with a poor system or how much is being lost with the current solution so that financial leaders understand why it is worth investing in a new system.

2. Create a Clear Business Case
Financial executives do understand more than just fiscal reports and spreadsheets. They get that real, meaningful business improvements translate into revenue creation, even if those gains do not always lead to measurable revenue. As such, building a good business case for your service desk project can make the potential value clear. This is where you need to think beyond the IT and support workers and why they want a new system and consider how meeting those needs will directly impact the average employee.

Being able to show how people will be able to work better because you have a better service desk in place can add significant authority to your claims that an upgrade is worth the costs. Make sure you think like a corporate executive when you come up with this business case. It is important to show that you are thinking about more than just technology to overcome the perception that IT is just a cost sink and clarify that you care about revenues.

3. Highlight the Potential Return on Investment

Many of the gains that come from an IT service desk solution are difficult to measure. However, there is no reason why you can't calculate, for example, how better incident management will save work hours for employees. This information can then be placed beside how much revenue is created per work hour to clearly show that a new service desk will create a clear ROI. This is just one way that a good support solution will generate value. Think of the ways that upgrading your system will lead to direct profit advances within your organization, do the background work to get those numbers (or see if the vendor your considering has examples of how past clients have created ROI) and show those numbers to the CFO.

Getting business leaders to support technology and support upgrades is often difficult, but there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to use a little creativity and create a solid case that demonstrates why you need a new service desk.