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3 Companies in need of a New Service Desk Solution

10/22/2012 by: The SunView Team

Have you considered improving your Service Desk or Help Desk? There are many reasons to do so and today, I would like to address a few of them. Your IT Organization should strive to maximize your value verses minimize your cost. I have said this before and will undoubtedly mention it at least once again in a future blog post.

If you want to jumpstart your Service Desk solution, then you should check out our offer below.

Of the many companies that need to improve their service desk with a new or better ITIL-based ITSM solution, the primary company is one with a first generation ITSM platform. You know who you are! No, I won't mention the name of your legacy solution; that would just be cruel and embarrassing. You know the solution provider, the ones with just letters for a name. Your legacy solution is too big, too expensive, too rigid, the bottom line, you need to dump it and start again with a new, easy to use and easy to deploy solution. For you, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is an obvious advantage statement. Don't wait any longer, your solution awaits.

The second type of company has an immature IT Organization. No, not the staff, I have Star Wars figurines on my desk too! I mean that their IT Service Management processes lack a level of maturity required to improve their Service Desk. This company can jumpstart their Service Desk improvement with the implementation of an ITIL-based out-of-the-box solution. Once you enter a fully ITIL ready workflow, you will see increased customer satisfaction, drive superior SLA (Service Level Agreement) results and improve your bottom line with a quick ROI.

The third candidate for a new and improved Service Desk solution is the company with a homegrown or commercial Help Desk. As the company grows, this solution starts to get in the way of successful support. Get out of your own way and seek out a super flexible solution with an ability to reduce your time-to-resolution for incidents. You will be able to better track and escalate service requests, add a knowledge base to drive end users to a self-service option and ultimately improve support staff job satisfaction. If you are outgrowing your training wheels it is time to step up to Schwinn Stingray with the banana seat!

Flickr Image: Eric Fischer