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3 Common Misconceptions About the Service Desk

07/25/2014 by: The SunView Team

An IT service desk is an integral tool in helping organizations handle more complex technical environments while still delivering business value. Deploying a service desk that delivers this sort of return hinges on a business finding the right solution for its specific needs. The result is an environment in which you need to not only understand what service desk solutions can accomplish, but also avoid falling prey to common misconceptions.

Three especially prominent misconceptions about service desk solutions are:

1. Installing a service desk is an onerous task
This misconception is not without some basis in reality. The fact is that service desk solutions used to be incredibly complex and time consuming to configure and install. This led to an industry with a reputation that kept plenty of buyers away. The sector has changed. Modern service desk solutions feature easy-to-deploy modules that make it much simpler to establish a new solution without significant costs or disruption in the process.

2. It's easy to get locked in
This misconception comes from the issues of complexity that we just discussed. Because service desk solutions used to be so complex and time consuming to install, they were also incredibly difficult to upgrade or replace because it could often take months or even years to perform a transition. The ease of installation and deployment that comes with modern service desk solutions is often paired with an emphasis on scalability. This means that adding new modules and features to a system that is in place, or making a large-scale upgrade, is much easier. The flexibility of leading service desk tools makes it much easier to avoid getting locked into a solution that isn't working.

3. It's only for organizations without complex internal IT configurations
The world of IT is changing into an environment in which technology professionals are increasingly tasked with managing application delivery and meeting business demands, not just maintaining hardware configurations. The technologies that have fueled this transition (cloud computing, widespread mobile device use, etc.) have democratized the IT world putting complex and demanding solutions in the hands of even the smallest business. As such, the need for a good service desk is increasingly dictated by demands for business efficiency, not technical complexity.

A good IT service desk solution will not only meet a business' current needs, it will also offer the potential for cost-efficient scaling through new modules and features that help organizations continue to develop their IT service management strategies as the company changes.