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3 CES 2015 Trends That Will Impact ITSM

01/26/2015 by: The SunView Team

The Consumer Electronics Show may not be focused on the business world, but that doesn't mean that many of the products and industry trends showcased won't have any implication on your IT organization. In particular, many of the overarching themes that were evident at CES 2015 highlight the need for sophisticated IT service management solutions in the enterprise. A few particularly noteworthy developments included:

1. User Interfaces Becoming More Nuanced
An IT World Canada report highlighting CES trends that will affect businesses emphasized how new devices, primarily solutions designed to interact with the Internet of Things, are forcing organizations to take a new look at how they develop user interfaces. In many cases, the devices themselves may not have a huge impact on the market, but changing user interface ideas can help companies figure out the best ways to engage with their employees.

Of course, refining user interfaces for different device types opens up the possibility for more incidents and problems as solutions must be developed for a diverse range of operating systems. ITSM tools, particularly incident management solutions, are invaluable in helping companies keep up with these new challenges.

2. Don't Take User Authentication Shortcuts
Educating workers on password best practices and establishing quality user authentication methods for apps and services is becoming more important than ever for IT and support teams. The news source said that CES 2015 features a variety of solutions trying to help users improve their password management practices, as many data breaches are caused by poor passwords. This trend puts an emphasis on figuring out sophisticated password and authe
ntication strategies within an organization.

3. Big Data Rising on IoT Wings
A ZDNet report covering CES 2015 mentioned that businesses need to be ready to deal with a data deluge created by the Internet of Things. The IoT is all about gathering structured and unstructured information from diverse sources, while big data is all about organizing, storing and using that information.

IT leaders that want to be ready to respond to this trend may want to seriously consider enacting change management upgrades that allow them to quickly adjust their storage systems and network architectures in light of both the IoT and big data.

Consumer and business technologies are increasingly intertwining as trends like the consumerization of IT take hold. Because of this, IT and support leaders need to be looking at trends coming out of events like CES 2015 and be prepared to respond accordingly.