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3 Big-Picture Reasons to Implement a Dedicated Help Desk

08/06/2014 by: The SunView Team

Many organizations create their IT help desk with homegrown solutions, combining systems like email and SharePoint to meet end-user demands. Such strategies are understandable in organizations without a high level of IT complexity, but businesses across a variety of sectors are facing more sophisticated technology demands, and the time has come for the help desk to catch up. Businesses with a good help desk can leverage considerable operational gains, particularly when it comes to aligning processes in areas in which IT and business units must interact.

While there are many benefits to implementing a dedicated help desk, three big-picture reasons to make the transition include:

1. Support emerging technology trends
Businesses, even small ones, are facing mounting pressure to keep up with technology trends and offer users functionality that is intuitive, responsive and well adapted to their day-to-day needs. This is a true transformation in the IT sector. For a long time, business technology solutions were much more advanced than consumer options, and IT could dictate which services employees could take advantage of.

The consumerization of IT movement is turning this trend on its head and, while IT may still have access to some of the best solutions, it doesn't always have the ability to easily deploy the services that users are most comfortable working with. Furthermore, new apps and services are making life and work more convenient for consumers all the time, and people increasingly want to bring those solutions into the workplace.

Consumerization leaves IT constantly playing catchup to ensure the enterprise configuration interacts effectively with the solutions users are leveraging on an everyday basis. A dedicated help desk gives businesses the incident management functionality they need to deal with the new technologies workers are bringing to the office and support operations more effectively.

2. Create meaningful value
Money is lost in a variety of ways any time a user runs into an issue and is unable to leverage an application or service effectively. These losses can come in the form of customers choosing not to make a purchase or in productivity that goes by the wayside when workers can't access a critical application. Eliminating these losses can create a significant return on investment. The advanced ticketing features included in help desk solutions make it easier for support teams to not only address issues faster, but more effectively identify common incidents and educate users on how to avoid them or deal with them without having to contact the help desk.

3. Take the first step toward an ITSM setup
Full IT service management capabilities may seem out of reach for businesses only moving to a dedicated help desk, but IT needs change fast in contemporary business environments and the ITSM solutions built to support this functionality can be just as flexible. IT teams used to face a situation in which a help desk deployment was a giant project that needed to be maintained as long as possible, then torn down and rebuilt from scratch when company technology demands mandated a move to a more sophisticated system. Those days are gone.

Modern ITSM solutions are increasingly built with an iterative approach to growth in mind, enabling organizations that implement a dedicated help desk to add modules as needed to eventually build to an ITSM configuration. This lets IT teams add solutions like problem, change and release management as they become necessary without disrupting the existing support architecture. Scalability is no longer a pipe dream with the help desk, and investing in a dedicated solution is the first step on a long, but incredibly important journey.

While it may be tempting to save some capital costs and stick with a homegrown help desk, there are plenty of big-picture reasons to move to a dedicated service management solution.