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3 Benefits of Leveraging Intelligent Search in Your Service Desk

10/28/2014 by: The SunView Team

Search engines are redefining the way many industries operate, and there's no reason why you can't use intelligent search technology to add new functionality to your IT service desk. When a user searches for information on Google or a similar engine, the system doesn't just find matching words and stick them up on the screen, it uses algorithms to identify the relevance of the different websites containing the search terms and sorts them intelligently based on user specifications. Similarly, an intelligent search solution within a service desk brings algorithm-based searches to the various documents, forums and reports within the service desk.

This powerful search functionality can change the way technology and non-tech employees use the service desk, with three key benefits standing out in the process.

1. Change the way business users leverage self-service tools
Many service desk solutions will feature FAQ pages, forums and other self-service tools within the knowledge center of their system. This can help users get the information they need without having to turn to a support or IT worker. However, forums and FAQ sites can be difficult to navigate when a user is looking to resolve a specific problem, especially if, for example, the forum is well populated with different threads. An intelligent search solution eliminates the process of looking at FAQ headings or thread titles and lets users quickly find references to the issue they are facing.

2. Helps IT and support teams get to information faster
Organizations often face similar issues repeatedly and can use information about past issues to improve how they handle existing concerns. However, tracking down that old information needs to be easy and convenient if IT and support teams are going to leverage the knowledge effectively. This is where having an intelligent search function can prove critical in ensuring all of those reporting and documentation efforts that technology workers put into place don't go to waste.

3. Provides secure, reliable functionality
Intelligent search solutions feature built-in backup and recovery features that ensure information is not lost when it is moved between systems. Furthermore, this focus on data integrity allows users to interact with various documents and records, including making updates, without having to worry about losing the original version of the data in the process. The result is an extremely secure and reliable system that helps support teams interact with various documents without fear.

Navigating the various documents and records within a service desk has been daunting for too long, and organizations can eliminate the complexity barrier by unleashing the full power of intelligent search functionality.