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3 Benefits of Adding Remote Support to the Service Desk

07/16/2014 by: The SunView Team

The IT service desk plays a vital role in enabling organizations to create meaningful business value through better customer support. Regardless of whether the customers are internal employees or external clients, organizations that can resolve their needs effectively create value by limiting the damages caused by various technical issues. Taking advantage of this potential hinges on the service desk team's ability to support operations in a responsive and efficient manner, making specialized support tools an integral component of operations.

Remote support tools can play a vital role in maximizing the value of the service desk by positioning support teams to help users as quickly as possible. Three key benefits that come with remote support are:

1. Flexibility
Mobile devices are transforming the way businesses get the job done and creating an environment in which people increasingly expect support teams to respond to their needs with nearly instant solutions. If the IT service desk is going to meet these emerging needs, it is going to need to be just as flexible as its customers. This means being able to get the job done remotely, not just when you are sitting at your workstation.

Advanced remote management tools provide a secure portal that service desk teams can use to open tickets and complete key support tasks.

2. Efficiency
Completing support tasks with minimal business or customer disruption plays an integral role in helping organizations minimize the potential damages of technology problems. An inefficient service desk can lead to major losses as incidents and problems are left unaddressed for an extended time. Remote support gives support teams the ability to respond to issues immediately, improving efficiency by eliminating waste.

3. Security
This benefit may not exist among all remote management tools, but organizations that choose a sophisticated solution can gain access to secure remote management features that ensure safe communications between support teams and customers. Furthermore, remote management tools can save all of the details of the interaction in a secure location, making it easy to establish an audit trail and ensure regulatory compliance standards are maintained throughout the support process.

Widespread mobile device use is transforming business operations in a variety of ways and contributing to new user expectations, security difficulties and regulatory challenges. Remote management platforms within the service desk play a critical role in responding to this trend by helping support teams leverage the greater flexibility of mobile devices within the service management platform.