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3 Areas to Start Powering Non-IT Processes with ITIL

11/14/2012 by: The SunView Team

Every organization today is looking to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. In addition, organizations are trying to be more responsive to their internal customer demands. Maybe your ITIL-based Service Desk solution can help. With the release of our ChangeGear 5.0 ITSM Platform came the ability to create custom modules that take advantage of the advanced business process automation, approvals, notifications, task management, and reporting.

This versatile addition is helping companies integrate their line of business processes with the underlying ITIL-based framework seen throughout the solution. Like our other modules we offer a customizable workflow to match existing processes that are not only within, but also outside of the IT Organization.

The addition of custom module creation to the ChangeGear platform, allows the ITIL-based ITSM solution to be implemented in non-IT areas of the enterprise. The custom modules can be configured to meet any line of business process need.

Let's take a look at three areas where your company could benefit from using the ITIL framework to streamline non-IT processes.

1. Facilities
Facilities Management is a great place to start the ITIL-based process expansion. The Facilities department has many recurring projects that require a consistent approach. For example, expanding an existing office or a full-fledged company move, both have many similar processes. By using an ITIL framework to build the workflow, it becomes consistently repeatable. The Facilities department can build in required approvals, automation of status notifications, regulatory reporting and more, directly into the workflow.

2. HR
The HR Department is another line of business that can benefit from the ITIL framework. Process examples include: the standard new employee on-boarding, hiring, dismissal and auditing. All of these HR processes require strict regulatory practices, a perfect match to an ITIL-based framework. Often times some of these processes are already aligned with IT. For example, part of the on-boarding process requires access to computers, systems, as well as, other IT services. And of course, one of the final stages of the dismissal process is removing access to IT. Besides the obvious IT integration, there is often need for facilities participation. By building the processes in the ITIL framework, a new hire process can automatically alert the IT and facilities stakeholder of their required participation.

3. The PMO
One of the most strict process based departments in any company is the PMO (Project Management Office). Adding an ITIL platform module to the PMO can help drive efficiencies and more project consistency. No different than other non-IT lines of business, such as HR, the PMO will use a core of software. The ITIL-based module is not a replacement for the Project Management software that is used as the basis for the PMO projects. Instead, it is an additional tool that can be implemented to help align the PMO more closely with the business.

The ITIL framework is now available for non-IT line of business processes. The implementation of the ChangeGear custom modules can be a valuable tool for other line of business processes beyond Facilities, HR and the PMO. Learn more.

What non-IT line of business processes do you feel would be a great fit for an ITIL framework solution?

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