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3 Advantages to Distinguishing Between Incidents and Service Requests

03/24/2014 by: The SunView Team

Service Request Management

Many organizations handle the vast majority of their support tickets the same way, treating them as service requests. This strategy may simplify operations in a few ways, but ultimately it fails to distinguish between different types of problems. The end result is a situation in which efficient incident, problem and change management can suffer because the service desk is handling all of these operations as common service requests. This is particularly evident when it comes to incident management, as this is the aspect of service desk operations that is most frequently positioned alongside other service requests.

Managing incidents as regular service requests can create plenty of problems, but separating the two can create significant operational advantages.

1. Deal with Fixes Faster
Most incidents require simple, easy fixes that users access to applications and services that are not working properly. For example, a user authentication glitch is a common incident that the service desk can fix fairly quickly and easily. This type of efficiency is necessary when making fixes because the longer it takes to correct the incident, the longer users will end up facing business disruption. Because of this, incidents must be addressed as quickly as possible, which means they need to be prioritized within an organization's ticketing solution.

Putting incidents alongside general service requests makes it easier for incident management tasks to get lost in the shuffle. Using a service desk that lets you separate incidents from other service requests can make it much easier for you to handle incidents quickly and with minimal disruption.

2. Improve Service Management Prioritization
Prioritizing projects can be incredibly difficult when the service desk does not effectively separate different types of tasks. The end result is a situation in which service desk professionals become almost entirely responsive in nature, looking at whichever ticket is at the top of the queue and moving on. This becomes a problem when service requests are not given the proper time and attention to ensure they are handled well. Standard service desk requests can come in a wide range of forms. They are not just about solving a basic incident, and they may often require some time, thought and creative problem solving.

Service Request Management has become a particularly important aspect of the service desk, as organizations that effectively handle service requests position themselves to become more efficient and responsive. This results in a situation in which the service desk creates much more business value and generates a substantial return on investment.

3. Enable Better Management
Service desk managers can easily end up struggling to effectively oversee how different tasks are being handled. Service desk efficiency is dependent on managers being able to view the different types of tasks being completed, understand the time it takes for workers to handle various operations and understand how different types of functions affect workflows. If the system handles all service requests as if they are the same, managers are unable to identify areas where incident management could be a problem, r if more resources may need to be allocated to handling general service requests.

Effective service desk management depends on being able to get a clear view of each portion of the service desk and then apply knowledge from holistic data to that perspective. Optimizing incident management depends on managers being able to assign the right people to the right tasks at the right time. Inefficiency can become a major problem without this kind of oversight. Organizations that establish service request management solutions that differentiate between tickets and general service requests will operate more efficiently.