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10 Ways to Improve your Help Desk Experience

03/27/2013 by: The SunView Team

Although it is up to the help desk to assist callers and provide them with excellent customer service, there are things callers can do to make everyone's job easier.

Here are 10 ways you can improve your help desk experience:

1. Leverage Self-Service Resources - You may be able to avoid calling the help desk altogether by maintaining a list of self-service resources. This will allow you to refer back and possibly solve the issue without outside help. Ask IT about the availability of a self-service portal, service catalog, or knowledge base.

2. Comply with Company Policies - Don't waste your time calling the help desk with issues related to policies and procedures your company doesn't endorse... i.e. support for your latest tech gadget.

3. Keep Documentation - Avoid having to say something like: "I received an error message on my computer, but I can't remember what it said - it disappeared." Write down or screenshot an error message the second it appears. It could be the key to solving your problem!
4. Prepare for your Support Session - Before you make your call, save all your data and restart your computer. This can fix certain problems and also refreshes the system.
5. Pick a Good Time - If you don't have 10-to-15 minute block of time available, it would be best to hold off making your call until you have more time. You don't want to keep putting the tech on hold or have to call them back later.
6. Explain Problem with Details - Using key words, such as the name and version of the program you're having issues with, is important when describing your issue. Don't omit a mistake you made because of embarrassment - it will only delay the solution.
7. Be Patient - Help desk employees are trained to "trouble shoot," which means they can't assume anything, and they have to follow certain steps. This process usually takes under 10 minutes and often resolves the problem.
8. Keep Records for Future - Save your ticket number, the tech's name and the date, time and duration of the call. This information might be useful down the road.
9. Communicate - If an issue is complicated enough that you need to follow up later, discuss what days/times would be best for both of you. Don't exaggerate the urgency of your problem. Modern service desk solutions will include regular email notifications to keep you in the loop on the request status.
10. Complete Post Call Survey - Most help desks value customer feedback and use the results to enhance future experiences.
Did any of these tips make your life a little easier? Comment below!

Flickr Image By Justin Marty