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10 Questions for Service Catalog Management

10/02/2012 by: The SunView Team

Your help and service desk operates a lot like the postal service. Users (customers) will always have issues. As much as technology helps us all, it has its bugs, and flaws that must be fixed.

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode in which Newman explains that mail just keeps coming and coming. There isn't ever really an end, and no matter how hard you work, there will just be more mail.

Similarly, even if your IT systems functioned with 100% up times there would still be requests to be placed, passwords that are forgotten, and laptops that need to be ordered. In a sense, tickets, like the mail, will keep coming and coming.

There is hope though, and that hope comes in the form of a Service Catalog. While in its most basic form, a Service Catalog is a detailed list of services that can be requested. A modern, full-featured Change Management solution provides a customizable interface for service requests. Easily customized forms and controlled visibility helps control the endless flow of tickets.

Unfortunately, many organizations aren't using a Service Catalog. If you need help to get started or improving your current offering, you have come to the right place. Even if you already have a vast catalog, the questions below will insure that your Service Catalog is serving your customers and keeping your service desk efficient.

Below are ten questions you should be able to answer for any service you want to add, or already have included. Once you go through this list, check out our video demonstrating the ChangeGear Service Catalog solution.

  1. How many requests for this service do we receive?
  2. What steps are required to fulfill the request?
  3. Is there any supporting documentation needed?
  4. Who needs access to this service?
  5. Are there any approvals needed to fulfill this request?
  6. Is this request linked to any other requests?
  7. Which members of the team are needed to fulfill the request?
  8. How should this request be routed?
  9. Will this request ever need to be escalated?
  10. When were the details of this request last updated?

Although the service requests will keep coming, a full-feature Change Management solution will help you to manage the flow to insure an efficient service desk.

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