June Blog Roundup: 5 Must-Read Service Desk Articles

05/27/2020 by: The SunView Team

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Welcome to our Blog Roundup, our monthly feature that highlights some of the best content from the SunView blog. Each month we post many articles we believe CIOs and IT leaders will value highly. The curated pieces below are ones we think you will be interested in.

This month we’re focusing on the service desk. Check out these five thought-provoking service desk articles.

  • Five Help and Service Desk Benefits from a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    Considering setting up your own SLA? Consider these five benefits from the point-of-view from an IT manager now enjoying the benefits.

  • 5 Common Service Desk Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
    Read on to understand five of the most common service mistakes and what you and your company can do about them. And if you're expecting responses like "failing to record incidents and service requests separately," then you need to start thinking bigger.

  • ITSM Analytics: The Key to Understanding Service Desk Metrics
    If someone asked you what was going on at your service desk, how would you answer? Would you have a set of answers at the ready, or would you have to guess at your service desk’s performance? Want to understand what’s going on at your service desk? ITSM analytics are the missing piece of the puzzle.

  • Streamline Service Desk Operations with Machine Learning and AI
    How would you describe your current service desk operations? Would you say they’re smooth and hassle-free? Machine learning and AI help you streamline the way you run your service desk so it’s efficient, cost-effective, and delivers high levels of customer satisfaction.

  • How AI is Changing the Service Desk for Staff and End-Users
    In the realm of the service desk, AI has the potential to revolutionize not only how users receive support from IT service management professionals, but also how users can more adequately support themselves. In the realm of the service desk, AI has the potential to revolutionize how users receive support from IT service management professionals.

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