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ITSM Tools in Healthcare: How Can They Help?

06/19/2019 by: Jaime Spector


The way healthcare practitioners treat patients has changed from even a decade ago. There are far more technological resources at hand to aid treatments. As such, those technologies must be managed. 

That’s where ITSM tools come in. They help healthcare providers easily resolve tickets that prevent them from doing their jobs – read on to learn more. 

The Problem 

Anyone who has ever used an IT system can easily point to at least one time they had a problem. While there are some industries and contexts in which IT problems have significant impacts on success, the healthcare field is the best example of one in which people’s lives are at stake. 

For example, if a doctor can’t access a patient’s EHR, he or she can’t input accurate, timely data. That could lead to another doctor having to perform a second test, or a diagnostic error because the second doctor didn’t have all of the information he or she needed. 

“A 2018 study showed that 0.03% of errors could be linked to EHRs.” 

Let’s say the doctor submitted a ticket to fix the problem. Depending on what kind of ticketing and resolution processes are in place, it could take days to resolve. When someone’s life is on the line, that’s not acceptable. 

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How Can ITSM Software in Healthcare Help?

ITSM tools make the ticketing and resolution process more efficient. We’ll illustrate by using the previous example of a doctor trying to access an EHR.

When the doctor runs into a problem, he or she could either navigate to a self-service portal or open a chatbot window and type in his or her question. Within a few moments, the chatbot or self-service portal would provide results that best match the query (and that would solve the user’s problem). 

“Help Desk Institute research shows the volume of tickets has increased at the majority of organizations surveyed for ten years in a row.”

How does ITSM software work? If it makes use of AI, the software will learn what the best solution for a problem is by studying previous tickets. The next time a similar problem arises, AI will suggest a fix based on what has worked in the past. 

What if AI comes across a problem that it doesn’t have experience solving? It will notify the humans on the help desk that there’s a ticket that should be dealt with. 

“Industry data shows that the average ticket handle time is 8.6 minutes.

AI-enabled ITSM tools are good for healthcare providers, patients, and IT staff alike. When users can find the solutions to their own problems, they can get back to work sooner (which in their case means saving people’s lives). In addition, IT staff spend less time dealing with repetitive tickets, such as login issues and password resets, and more time on mission-critical issues. 

ITSM tools allow IT staff to quickly and efficiently manage IT systems and users, a crucial capability in the healthcare industry.

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