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ITIL Goes Strategic and Other Headlines from The ITSM Lens Daily

10/31/2011 by: The SunView Team

Chances are you don't know much about ITIL, or at least so says Though, there is definitely plenty of knowledge over at the IT Skeptic where they spent a bit of time matching ITIL to the real world. Plus, if you think there's a high likelihood one of your initiatives will fail, be sure to check out's 5 Reasons they do. Failure tends to make everyone tense, and apparently processes do to - takes a closer look. Finally, IT can make money - British Airways did it. After the break, find out just how they did it, plus all the details from The ITSM Lens Daily Headlines of last week. - CIO - ITIL is an acronym that some CIOs don't understand well. If they're aware of the IT Infrastructure Library, it's in the context of two of the library's books that provide guidance on improvin...
Riddle me this: matching iTIL theory to the real world - Calling all you ITIL theorists, philosophers, pontificators and pundits. Marty is back: our follower from the real world, trying to make sense of ITIL on its home grounds, the operations of big iro...

The 5 Key Reasons Why Initiatives Fail - Someone on Twitter recently asked me, "What are the 5 main reasons IT Service Management projects fail." I really didn't have to give it much thought. After 30 years practicing ITSM the reasons are...
Come on, IT - loosen up already | It strategy - October 19, 2011 Next-generation IT leaders take heed: Everyone hates process. The evidence is all around you. From the help desk to the corner office, employees do their best to subvert even the b...

How British Airways Made Money From IT - Posted on 07 February 2011 The Hub Commentary_ This headline caught my eye as I will be the first to debate that IT is not a profit center. However, this is a prime example of IT realizing and cla...

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