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IT Asset Management Can Be More Efficient - Here's How

05/08/2019 by: Jaime Spector

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Daniel Levitin, cognitive psychologist and neuroscientist, once said, “The obvious rule of efficiency is that you don’t want to spend more time organizing than it’s worth.” That holds true of IT asset management. At a certain point, it becomes inefficient to spend time cataloging each IT asset a firm owns. 

Enterprise service management makes ITAM more efficient. Read on to learn how ESM streamlines the ITAM process so that businesses save time, resources, and money. 

How IT Asset Management Can Be Inefficient

ITAM can be an enormous source of inefficiency. For a start, the category of IT assets is quite broad; it comprises any company-owned information, system or hardware that is used in the course of business activities. To figure out what is (and what isn’t) a company-owned asset, you have to track it, and that takes time and resources. 

A paper-based (or even spreadsheet) process takes too much effort to set up and maintain. What about software, then? There are ITAM databases on the market, but not all of them integrate into ITSM solutions and/or financial systems of record. 

“Can you run your business without technology? If you are not managing your technology, you are not managing your business.” Dr. Barbara Rembiesa, D.Litt, IAITAM CEO

When information isn’t integrated into other systems, silos rise. The only place silos belong is on farms; you can’t make the right decisions if you don’t have all the data you need. Those decisions can relate to maintenance, purchases, and disposal of assets; and if you don’t know whether an item belongs to you or whether it’s even under warranty, you might make choices that cost your company money. 

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How Can Enterprise Service Management Make IT Asset Management More Efficient?

Choosing the right software makes ITAM more efficient. ESM solutions, with a built-in ITAM module, streamline asset management. We’ll illustrate with an example.

Let’s say Mark has a smartphone that he relies upon heavily to do his job. An app isn’t working, and Mark uses it to share information with his coworkers about the project they’re handling. He submits a ticket to the IT department. 

“Forty-five percent of organizations track assets on a project-by-project basis, but they never stop to analyze that information”

With an ITAM-enabled ESM solution, an IT team member searches for Mark’s smartphone to see if the device and the application in question are supported. Within a few keystrokes, the IT team member can see that while Mark’s smartphone is corporately owned, the app he’s downloaded isn’t. As such, the IT department has no obligation to support it, which saves the team (and by extension, the company) time and money. 

If you don’t have an ITAM solution that’s integrated into other systems, you won’t know whether your IT assets need maintenance, support, or replacement. That can lead you to make some expensive decisions that won’t benefit the company. An ITAM-enabled ESM solution gives you all the information you need when you need it so that you can choose the right option for your firm. To learn more about ESM and ITAM, download From ITSM to ESM: The Evolution of the Digital Enterprise.

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