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Improving the Employee Experience with Enterprise Service Management

11/28/2018 by: Jaime Spector

Enterprise service management

If you were to ask your employees about their overall experience working at your company, what do you think they would say? The answer would probably surprise you, and not in a good way. Many employees report they’re dissatisfied at work. 

As a human resources executive, you want to provide a positive, enriching experience for your employees, yet internal processes actually have the opposite effect. How can you improve your employees’ experience? Enterprise service management allows you to deliver services more effectively and efficiently—read on to learn more. 

The Problem with Enterprise Service Delivery

There’s a problem with the way the enterprise delivers services—specifically, they don’t do it well at all. Think about the processes at your firm; most likely, they’re highly manual. In today’s digital world, employees are used to being able to access the services they want and need at the touch of a button. At work, on the other hand, requesting services requires employees to send an email, make a phone call, or even ask in person.

This dissatisfaction isn’t just anecdotal. In 2015, a survey of business leaders and decision makers showed that the primary cause of wasted time during the workday is inefficient processes. Moreover, 57% of those surveyed believe that employees suffer the most due to these inefficiencies. Respondents do see a solution, though: 96% stated that technology drives efficiency. 

Enterprise Service Management, the Next Generation of ITSM.

Enterprise Service Management: Improving the Employee Experience 

When it comes to technological tools that have the power to make processes more efficient, ESM should be at the top of your list. What can ESM do for your organization? 

For a start, it helps you deal with employee-related issues ranging from the routine to the exceptional in an automated manner. We’ll illustrate with an example. Let’s say you need to onboard a new employee; typically, that’s a manual process to add his or her account to each downstream system.

“According to IDC, companies lose 20 to 30% in revenue due to inefficiencies every year”

Enterprise service management solutions allow HR staff to select which systems the new employee needs to access. At the click of a button, a formerly manual, time-consuming process is complete. Imagine the satisfaction the employee feels at being able to access the systems he or she needs to do his or her job. He or she doesn’t have to sit around, feeling frustrated and bored. 

Second, it allows you to deliver enterprise services faster. We’ll go back to the previous example; it could take days, if not longer, for other departments to fulfill HR’s requests to connect an employee’s account to all the systems he or she needs. With ESM, those requests are filled much faster.

“Only 12% of employees leave a job because they want more money”

Employees expect more out of their employers nowadays. Enterprise service management allows you to do just that by accelerating service delivery and making it more efficient. When employees get the services they need faster, they can get work done quicker, and the whole company benefits. To learn more about ESM, read From ITSM to ESM: The Evolution of the Digital Enterprise.

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