Improve the Customer Experience with Greater Efficiency

02/14/2020 by: The SunView Team

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What was the last truly positive interaction you had with a company? Most likely, part of what made it so positive was that it was over pretty quickly. You didn’t have to wait for ages to get what you wanted from the organization, whether it was a purchase or assistance with a product or service. 

Efficiency is crucial to positive customer experience. Read on to learn how intelligent ITSM tools boost efficiency to offer your customers a more positive experience with your firm.

What Is Customer Experience, and Why Does It Matter? 

The customer experience refers to the interactions that a customer has with your brand. These interactions shape the overall experience the customer has with your brand. 

Today, customer experience matters more than ever before. Customers have been empowered by social media to share their feelings about brands (positive or negative). Additionally, firms have realized it’s more affordable to retain current customers than to spend money on attracting new ones.

What Is Intelligent ITSM?

Intelligent ITSM software refers to ITSM software embedded with AI. “AI” means that a computer can come to conclusions on its own about information without being explicitly programmed to do so. 

What that means for ITSM is that AI could, for example, review a series of help desk tickets and learn what steps to take the next time a similar ticket arises. Moreover, AI never stops gathering information and drawing conclusions from it, so it’s always getting better at figuring out what to do.

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How Can ITSM Software Improve Your Customer Experience with Greater Efficiency?

Intelligent ITSM tools can make the customer experience more efficient, thus making it more positive. We’ll use an example to illustrate. 

Let’s say Liz needs to open a help desk ticket. Her company has recently deployed intelligent ITSM software. Instead of calling or emailing the help desk, she can open a chatbot window and type in her query. Within moments, the chatbot has responded; it searched through dozens of tickets to find the most appropriate solution for her problem. 

“Three-quarters of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent, according to research from RightNow.”

Thanks to intelligent ITSM tools, Liz no longer has to play the waiting game. She can get back to work faster and feel efficient and productive. 

Liz’s tale brings up an important point; sometimes, the customer experience isn’t about the people that use your company’s products or services. In some cases, the customer experience is about your employees. That’s especially true when it comes to help desks; employees are the customers, and they need a positive experience. When employees don’t have a positive experience, they become demoralized and may leave the company.

“Companies that are customer experience-led have 1.5-times higher employee satisfaction than those that don’t, according to Forrester.”

 Efficiency improves the customer experience (and the employee experience, too). Intelligent ITSM tools make the customer experience more efficient.

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