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01/31/2018 by: The SunView Team

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When you think of ITSM, what words come to mind? Do you think IT service management is difficult, complicated, and labor-intensive? It doesn’t have to be any of those things. 

One thing that makes ITSM less complex, more efficient, and more cost-effective is implementing the right technology. Chatbots are an innovation that allows users to gain information they need quickly and without a great deal of hassle.

Chatbots are rapidly becoming prevalent among enterprise and B2B organizations. Gartner estimates that by 2021, more than half of all enterprises will spend more each year on chatbots and bot technology in lieu of more traditional mobile app development.

The IT organization is no exception to this rule, and we're already starting to see major innovation in the area of chatbots that cater to the needs of the service desk and its end users. Read on to learn how chatbots can make IT service management easier and more affordable for the organization. 


What’s the Relationship between Chatbots and ITSM?

A common application of chatbots is customer service. They serve on the front lines of an organization’s customer service department. Their utility in this regard makes them a perfect fit to improve ITSM.

Think about your current process for dealing with end-user issues at your company. Do end users need to call the IT help desk, or fill out lengthy, hard-to-understand forms online to have their problem even evaluated, let alone solved? Chatbots change that situation. 

“Chatbots are a perfect fit to improve ITSM”

There are many good use cases of the chatbot for enterprise. When you implement a chatbot on the self-service portal, you can automate the process of help desk ticketing. Here’s what it looks like post-chatbot deployment: an end-user navigates to the help desk’s online portal, and a chatbot pops up. The end-user types in a description of his or her problem and the chatbot checks a database to determine if a similar issue has arisen in the past and what the solution was. 

If the problem is serious, the chatbot will pass the ticket off to a human. Should an issue be less urgent, the chatbot can search the help desk’s knowledgebase for an answer, then present it to the end-user. In either case, the chatbot can automatically close the ticket and then send a survey to the end-user to gauge satisfaction. 


What Value Do Chatbots Bring to Your Help Desk?

There’s a highly negative perception of chatbots within the IT help desk industry. Employees fear that these computer programs will steal their jobs, but that’s not the case. Rather, chatbots make existing IT help desk employees more efficient while boosting customer satisfaction. 

When an end-user opens a ticket with a chatbot, it saves an IT help desk employee valuable time and resources. Thanks to AI, a chatbot can make the determination on its own whether a ticket needs to be escalated or whether it can be dealt with by the chatbot itself. The chatbot allows the help desk employee to work on tasks that are valuable to the company, rather than spending time on issues that aren’t serious and don’t add value to the organization.

“Chatbots save IT help desk employees time that can be used to work on other tasks”

Chatbots also boost levels of customer satisfaction. They deal with situations quickly, which provides faster solutions and enables employees to get back to work faster.

IT service management can be easier, faster, and more cost-effective with the right technological solutions. Chatbots are an excellent solution to improve ITSM.

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