Improve IT Service Management With Process Automation

02/15/2018 by: The SunView Team

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When it comes to IT service management, everyone’s goal is to manage their IT services effectively and efficiently. However, IT service management sometimes turns into labor-intensive processes involving more human resources than necessary. This situation is costly and inefficient. 

Effective process automation offers the IT service desk a way to streamline the way it delivers services so it can save time and money for the business. Moreover, automation improves customer satisfaction by improving overall efficiency. Read on to learn more about automation and what benefits it can bring to your team.


How Can You Implement Automation within Your IT Service Desk Setting?

Automation has a number of applications within IT service management. One of them is ticketing system software. 

Think about your current ticketing system. What does it look like? Is it highly manual, with help desk employees reviewing each ticket to determine whether it needs a solution? For those tickets that need a solution, does an employee need to mark the ticket as “closed” once the problem is resolved?

“Consider your current ticketing system – is it highly manual?”

Such processes waste time, money, and human resources. Today's IT service desk solutions leverage modern smart automation that helps IT managers route ticket assignments in the most efficient way possible.

How does it work? Intelligent IT service desk systems powered by AI and machine learning continuously learn from the data sent in through incident tickets and how they are managed by the help desk staff. Using contextual knowledge, the system can accurately predict the most likely staff user or team to work a given ticket, and assign accordingly. This process allows IT organizations to save time and money by automating repetitive assignment tasks, while also maximizing workforce productivity.


The Benefits of Automation 

When people talk about automation within the help desk setting, employees tend to get nervous. “Will my job be safe?” they wonder. “Am I going to be replaced by a robot?”

IT service desk employees shouldn’t be afraid of automation initiatives such as ticketing system software. Rather, they should see it as an opportunity to improve customer service and complete tasks that are valuable to the organization. 

“IT service desk employees should see automation as an opportunity”

If your help desk is like most, your personnel spend a great deal of time handling requests that aren’t crucial or mission-critical (such as password resets). When a major issue arises, like a data breach, you find yourself short-staffed because employees are dealing with other tasks. 

Automation also leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction on the service desk. It speeds up the amount of time it takes to solve a problem; instead of waiting hours (if not longer) for a help desk representative to get back to a request, an end-user might have a solution to his or her problem in a matter of minutes, because intelligent ticketing system software can find a knowledgebase article for the user if the issue isn’t urgent.

IT service management doesn’t have to be a headache or a chore, thanks to automation. Automating services such as ticketing systems streamline processes. The results are happier customers and more efficient operations. To learn more about how automation benefits your help desk, read the ebook 7 Reasons Why AI Will Change Everything on Your Service Desk.

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