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Trick-or-Treat - 3 Characters You Don't Want at the Service Desk Door

10/31/2013 by: The SunView Team

Service Desk, Halloween

Halloween is all about taking on the role of a character, getting into costume and having some fun in the naturally spooky, crisp fall weather. Anybody who has greeted droves of trick-or-treaters over the course of a fall evening knows that there are some characters that you just don't get excited about when they come to the door.

The IT service desk may not be nearly as much fun as Halloween, but anybody who has worked at a service desk or help desk knows that there are certain types of people that you just don't want to get a call from. A few characters that you don't want coming to your help desk door this Halloween season include:

Visitor 1: The person who just doesn't get technology
This character is the epitome of the non-tech savvy worker. The person who comes to you with the most obvious questions and the kinds of problems that can easily be resolved if the individual actually followed instructions or performed basic computing functions properly.

Trying to solve this individual's problems can be a complete nightmare, much ghastlier than any costumed ghoul trick-or-treating, and dealing with them can not only be tedious, but also take way too long, especially when the incident is incredibly simple.

An advanced service desk solution can help you deal with these kinds of users more efficiently by automating many of the processes involved in helping the individual. As a result, you spend less time having to deal with the tedious incidents.

Visitor 2: The people who always have the same problems
In trick-or-treating, this type of annoyance pours forth when you've seen a dozen kids wearing whatever the "in" costume is in a given year. At the service desk, it is much more annoying because what you have isn't just boredom, it is tedium when the same incidents come up over and over again. This can be mind-boggling and frustrating not because there is anything wrong with the actual people, but because it is incredibly maddening to solve the same incidents over and over again. How many times does somebody have to reset a password before the company figures out how to do it automatically?

This is where an advanced service desk really pays off. Those incidents that keep coming up over and over again can be dealt with automatically, saving you the trouble. A service desk featuring problem and change management functions may provide the root cause analysis to help you realize why some incidents continually reoccur, making it easier to solve them entirely.

Visitor 3: The person with the really big, important problem
There is probably part of you that wants to get this call. But most of the time, having to handle the real, meaningful problems is like greeting the one kid with a really cool costume. You want to take time to admire the effort, but there are six other kids at the door clamoring for your candy and there just isn't time. This is the same kind of situation as when you have complex, important problems to deal with. You'd love to pour your expertise and knowledge into helping resolve the issue, but you are so bogged down with password resets and the other tedious operations that you just don't have time to give the major issue proper attention.

Automation pays dividends in this area. An advanced service desk that automates incident management and aspects of change management makes it much easier to spend less time dealing with tedious problems and more time on the major issues that can be more fulfilling to resolve.

The help desk is a bit like trick-or-treating. Every time you pick up the phone, you never know who will be on the other side of the line. Having a good service desk or advanced help desk in place is like having just the right candy handout routine.