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How to Use Intelligent ITSM to Streamline Your Workflows

08/21/2019 by: Jaime Spector

Woman working on her laptop computer.

If someone were to come into your office and asked you about the efficiency of your workflows, what would you say? Could you confidently answer that everything operates in a smooth, clockwork-like manner? Or, would you be hesitant about responding – would you hem and haw before making something up?

Many companies suffer from inefficient workflows. However, inefficiency doesn’t have to plague them. The combination of AI and ITSM streamlines operations – read on to learn more. 

AI + ITSM = Intelligent ITSM

AI and ITSM make a dynamic duo. The power of AI improves ITSM software, making it more intelligent. How can it do that?

The answer lies in how machines can actually learn things, without human interference. You expose a computer to a set of information, the computer assimilates that data set, and then draws conclusions about which steps to take when it’s exposed to a problem. As a result, ITSM tools become much smarter, because they can figure out what to do next if a user turns to them for help.

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How Can Intelligent ITSM Streamline Workflows?

With a clear definition of intelligent ITSM software in mind, let’s get to work on the question of how it can make workflows more efficient.

The keyword here is “automation.” Intelligent ITSM tools automate processes so that they’re faster and smoother than before. We’ll illustrate with an example. 

“AI adoption has tripled between 2018 and 2019, according to MMC Ventures.”

Let’s say an employee is leaving the company. IT staff cannot allow a former employee’s credentials to remain usable. However, de-provisioning can be a time-consuming, tedious process, as you have to figure out each system that an employee had permission for, and revoke it.

That’s where intelligent ITSM tools come in. You could set business rules that if an employee’s email address were de-provisioned, all of his or her accesses to other systems would follow suit. 

Twenty percent of C-level executives report they’re using AI or machine learning as a core part of their business.”

That capability is enormously powerful. First, think about the time that your employees save hunting down every system to which a given employee had access. If it’s a senior employee, there’s a good chance he or she had access to many systems. 

Second, consider how much money you’ll save because you’re not using a manual process to revoke permissions. Employees are now investing their energies into activities that drive the company further forward. 

“According to Accenture, AI can enhance business productivity by up to 40%.”

Third, a former employee with access to corporate systems could wreak havoc, especially if he or she was terminated. A hack, breach, or other kind of malicious activity could go far beyond merely disturbing workflows – it could set you back weeks or longer. By preventing such an attack, you keep your company working at peak efficiency. 

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