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How to Improve Your Help Desk in 2020

12/11/2019 by: Jaime Spector

Enter key on a computer keyboard labeled Help Me!

Does your IT help desk actually help people? Or would end-users say that they feel more helpless than helped when they come to your department for answers? 

There is a way to make your help desk operate more efficiently (which has the added benefit of boosting end-user satisfaction) – use ITSM tools. Read on to learn how ITSM solutions boost help desk efficiency while ensuring that end-users get the answers they need. 

Is Your Help Desk Actually Helpful?

The IT help desk was born in the 1980s to fix IT issues. If your computer or printer broke down, you would call a number and hope someone would respond in a timely fashion (no guarantees).

Even though technology has advanced considerably since the 1980s, the help desk still exists. Its goal is still the same: to help people overcome their IT issues. However, help desks still face inefficiency issues. 

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What Are Some Common Issues with Help Desks? 

A common issue with help desks is that users submit tickets that aren’t mission-critical, yet without a solution, the user can’t get work done. A common example is the infamous password reset: researchers estimate that this type of help desk ticket makes up 20-50% of all help desk tickets.

The reason users turn to the help desk for these problems is because they can’t solve them themselves. When you have enough of these problems, help desk personnel wind up spending a great deal of time on tasks that don’t really move the organization forward (yet are still necessary for employees to perform their jobs). It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it can take the help desk over 24 hours to respond to a single ticket. 

How Can ITSM Tools Make Help Desks More Efficient? 

What if you could transform your help desk into a unit that takes over a day to respond to people’s needs to one that was proactive and actually helpful? It’s not wishful thinking. ITSM holds the key to solving this problem. 

ITSM solutions can serve as the first responders for people with simple problems such as password requests. We’ll illustrate with an example: Let’s say Lisa’s password has expired for web-based room booking software. Instead of turning to IT, Lisa could navigate to a self-service portal or open a chatbot window and type in her question. 

“’Customer experience starts where customer service fails’- Chris Zane

The ITSM solution, unlike a help desk staffed by humans, won’t take over a day to respond to Lisa – she’ll see an answer in moments. With that information, she can change her password and book the room she needs. Because Lisa got her answer through a knowledgebase (instead of having to turn to a human being), help desk staff can work on other issues. 

Help desks don’t have to be inefficient. With ITSM tools, they can actually fulfill the promise of their name and be helpful to users.

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