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How ESM is Helping Organizations Succeed Beyond Just the IT Department

01/31/2019 by: Jaime Spector

Enterprise service management

When you think about applying enterprise service management, what’s the first use case that comes to mind? For many people, they see ESM as an extension of IT. While ESM does refer to IT service management principles to the rest of the organization, IT shouldn’t be the first or only place where ESM is implemented. 

ESM makes enterprise service delivery more efficient and effective, so it makes sense to ensure that it is implemented across the company. Read on to read some interesting use cases of ESM in a variety of fields. 

Sales and Marketing

Michelle Major-Goldsmith, an ESM expert, cites an example of ESM being used at her company’s sales and marketing department. The department was overwhelmed by requests for services and needed a way to manage all of these tickets. 

What kind of service requests do people make of the sales and marketing department? They might need quotes, specs, further information about a product, or they might need to launch a marketing campaign. 

“In a 2017 survey, only 24% of respondents think that existing ITSM best practice has kept up with the changing IT and business landscapes

What was the solution? After much discussion, team members put an ESM tool in place that helps them fulfill requests in a timely fashion according to priority. Now, request submission is an automated, smooth process that better allows them to meet demands.

Enterprise Service Management, the Next Generation of ITSM.


ESM doesn’t have to be a solely internal tool. It can be used to deliver improved service to customers, too. An example of this comes from the energy industry

When the power goes out, service technicians need to address the situation. An ESM solution can tell them what requests were placed, who submitted them, and when they were submitted. Moreover, ESM works on mobile devices, so service technicians can see who’s requested what and they’ll know where to go. 

“In a 2018 HDI report, 64% of high-maturity organizations orient goals around business outcomes” 

ESM in the energy sector represents a departure from traditional scheduling methods, which were previously highly manual. A dispatcher would have to call the service technician and tell him or her about any scheduling changes. ESM works automatically, saving time. 

Higher Education 

The realm of higher education is also an excellent space for ESM implementation. Putting an ESM solution in place allows schools to better deliver services to students, faculty, and other employees. 

We’ll use an example of scheduling final exams. Instructors have to request rooms in which to administer the semester’s final test. Two or three decades ago, that would have been a manual, laborious process, in which the instructor might have to go in person to a secretary, who would search on a chart for an available room and time. 

Gartner predicts the ITSM market will be $8.78 billion by 2021”

ESM automates the scheduling process. Instructors simply log in and request the room and time they want. If it’s available, the system will fulfill the request; if not, the system will suggest other times and rooms. 

Enterprise service management has so many applications outside of IT. It helps organizations in many sectors become more efficient and save money. To learn more about how ESM can help you, download From ITSM to ESM: The Evolution of the Digital Enterprise.

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