How Can You Streamline Request Management?

06/20/2018 by: The SunView Team

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What does your ideal request management process look like? Most people would use words such as “smooth,” “hassle-free,” and “fast.” At many organizations, request management is anything but those things. 

However, request management no longer has to be hectic, headache-inducing, or laborious. Automating this process (and not just within the IT department) not only allows you to manage all of your requests in one place, it makes fulfilling them faster and more effective. 


What Does Request Management Look Like at Your Company Now?

Let’s think about what request management looks like at your company right now. It’s most likely a manual, time-consuming process, right?

What happens if you want to book a room for an event? You might need to send an email, make a phone call, or go in person to the facilities department. Your email could sit in a communal inbox that never gets checked, or your phone call could go to voice mail (to another mailbox that people generally ignore). By the time someone actually gets around to acknowledging your request, the room might already have been booked by someone else.

How is request management handled at your company? Are your current request management processes actually preventing employees from being productive

In a global survey, 60% of information workers felt as though their employers were succeeding in helping them be effective at their jobs. No one wants to feel frustrated and ineffectual at work – it leads to low morale and disengagement.


What Can You Do to Improve Request Management?

Automating request management makes the process faster as well as more effective (and allows your employees to be more productive). The good news is that automating this process can be done with a modern ITSM solution

What does automating request management look like? We’ll illustrate by revisiting the example of booking a conference room. Instead of sending an email, making a phone call, or even going in person, you would log into a self-service portal or open up a chat with a chatbot.

You simply type in your request – something like, “I want to book a room for the 17th at 3 PM.” The ITSM solution is connected with a master calendar, so it can tell what rooms are available on that date and at that time. If a room is available, the chatbot or self-service platform will tell you and give you the option of booking it. You could also request any necessary equipment (cords, screens, projectors, etc.) while you’re booking the room through the ITSM solution, too. 

By automating request management, employees no longer waste time trying to get things done. Moreover, they no longer feel frustrated when they can’t get their work done in a timely fashion. The end result is a boost to employee morale and productivity.

Many companies focus on satisfying customer requests, but requests from internal customers, your employees, are just as important. Automating request management through an ITSM solution improves the employee experience and makes your organization more efficient. Learn more and download our ebook to learn how to transition from reactive to proactive IT.

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