How Can the Combination of AI and ITIL Save You

09/06/2018 by: The SunView Team


When you think of the help desk, are the first words that come to mind “cost center”? For many in the c-suite, that’s exactly what comes to the fore. That’s unfortunate, because that doesn’t have to be the case. 

What can you do to make help desk operations more cost-effective? An AI-enabled ITSM solution reduces costs. Read on to learn how this combination streamlines help desk operations to improve your bottom line. 

How Expensive Is a Help Desk Ticket, Really?

The cost of a single help desk ticket averages $15.56 per minute. At the highest end of the spectrum, the cost is almost $50. 

What goes into those costs? It has a great deal to do with the human employees working at your help desk. You’re paying for salaries and benefits (including those of indirect personnel, such as QA staff), technology and licensing costs, facilities expenses, and travel, training, and office supplies. 

Cost-per-ticket is a measure of how efficiently your help desk runs – Jeff Rumburg, MetricNet LLC”

It’s not hard to see a pattern emerging – many of the costs of processing a help desk ticket are related to the human staff on the help desk. How do you reduce the cost of a help desk ticket if the process is so reliant on human intervention? The answer is to lessen the amount of human intervention necessary to resolve help desk tickets. 

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AI-Enabled ITSM Solutions: Help Make ITIL More Cost-Effective 

One of the goals of ITIL is to plan, control, and recover costs of providing IT Services. An AI-enabled ITSM solution allows you to do that. 

How does an AI-enabled ITSM solution accomplish that goal? It puts the solutions to end-users’ problems in their hands. AI-enabled ITSM solutions provide a knowledge base or a chatbot. When the user has a problem, he or she navigates to the knowledge base and types in his or her question. 

“Industry averages place the cost per ticket for Level 3 and field staff in North America at $80 - $100”

The chatbot or knowledge base will search through previous tickets to determine what the best possible solution is for the problem, and then it will suggest it to the user. This saves an enormous amount of money, because many help desk tickets (such as password resets) could be resolved quite quickly but aren’t because of backlogs. 

Does a chatbot or knowledge base eliminate the need for human employees at the help desk? No, they don’t. At this point in AI’s development, it can’t answer every end-user question. Should an AI-enabled ITSM solution not be able to find a solution to an end-user’s problem, it will turn over the ticket to a human. 

IDC predicts that 75 percent of workers this year will interact with at least one application that has AI or machine learning capability built-in”

Your help desk no longer has to bear the burden of being seen as a cost center. With an AI-enabled ITSM solution, you can cut operational costs and rely less on humans. To learn more,  read the ebook 7 Reasons Why AI Will Change Everything on Your Service Desk.

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