How Can Smart ITSM Make Your Company More Efficient?

07/11/2018 by: The SunView Team


Since time immemorial, businesses have sought to become more efficient. They constantly try to improve their processes so that they’re faster and leaner. 

One process that is ripe for improvement is ITSM. Advancements in the field of AI mean that ITSM can actually make your firm more efficient. Read on to learn how AI-enabled ITSM saves time and money for your company.

How Efficient Are Your Current Help Desk Processes?

Think about your current ITSM processes. Would you refer to them as efficient, cost-saving, or time-saving? For many companies, the answer is a resounding “no.”

That’s because, at many companies, ITSM processes are highly manual. A user experiences a problem and then either calls the help desk, sends an email, or goes there in person. The help desk employee then reviews the details of the incident and determines how critical the problem is. 

Depending on how critical the issue is, the ticket could be pushed to the very bottom of the pile. It could take days or even longer for the user to get the assistance he or she needs. If the problem is more urgent, the help desk employee will search for a solution more quickly, but that could still take time. 

In some instances, the help desk employee might not have the relevant knowledge to find a solution for the issue, which means that he or she will have to turn to a coworker for advice, unless the IT department has a repository of that kind of information available (many do not). Once the issue is resolved, the help desk employee has to manually close the ticket. 


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What Does an AI-Enabled Service Desk Management Solution Look Like?

Now, let’s see how an AI-enabled service desk management solution can make ITSM processes more efficient. For a start, such a solution will reduce the need for a user to turn to a human member of the IT department – he or she would either navigate to a self-service portal or start a discussion with a chatbot

The user can describe the problem to the AI-enabled ITSM solution. Then, the AI-enabled service desk management software will review the incident to determine whether any previous issues were similar to this one. If it finds such an incident, it will suggest the appropriate path of action to the user. 

What if the AI-enabled ITSM solution cannot determine the best answer to the problem? In these situations, the ticket is handed over to a human member of the IT staff. 

AI-Enabled ITSM: Making Service Management More Efficient

The difference between manual ITSM processes and AI-enabled ITSM processes is significant. An AI-enabled ITSM process could see a resolution of a problem in a matter of minutes, while the manual version takes much longer. 

Imagine what your employees could be doing with all of the time they save not waiting for the IT department to fix their problem. They can get back to work faster, which will boost the company’s bottom line. In addition, the IT department will benefit too – its employees can spend their time dealing with serious, pressing issues rather than problems such as password resets.

When your employees get back to work faster and your IT team allocates its scarce resources effectively, everyone wins. To learn more about “smart” ITSM, read the ebook 7 Reasons Why AI Will Change Everything on Your Service Desk.  

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