How Can Continuous Improvement Make the Customer Experience Better?

01/17/2020 by: The SunView Team

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Every day, your customers interact with your brand. The million-dollar question is, how do they feel about those interactions? In many cases, customers believe those interactions could be better.

That’s where intelligent ITSM solutions come into the picture. Intelligent ITSM tools offer continuous improvement, so your customer experience will always get better and you’ll always have satisfied customers.

What Is Intelligent ITSM?

Intelligent ITSM refers to the combination of AI and ITSM software. AI is embedded in ITSM tools.

That combination of AI and ITSM tools makes ITSM better. How so? We’ll illustrate with an example. AI-enabled ITSM software reviews previously submitted help desk tickets to determine how problems were solved in the past so that the solution can come up with the right answer in the future. 

What Is Continuous Improvement?

Continuous improvement is a principle that comes from ITIL. In 2011, the Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) process was added to ITIL. The objective of CSI is to learn from both past successes and failures so that the efficiency and effectiveness of IT services and processes can be continually improved.

CSI consists of four main processes: service review, process evaluation, defining CSI initiatives, and monitoring them. “Service review” means that you review business and infrastructure services to determine how you can improve them. “Process evaluation” refers to assessing processes and deciding how they could be made better.

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What Does Continuous Improvement Have to Do with the Customer Experience?

With all that in mind, what does continuous improvement have to do with the customer experience? The relationship between the two concepts is actually quite closely linked. 

We’ll go back to the previous example of how intelligent ITSM tools review old help desk tickets so the recommendation engine can suggest the best possible answer in the future. Using the principle of continuous improvement, intelligent ITSM tools will always be looking for the best possible answer to users’ problems. 

“Over the course of three years, improving the customer experience can grow revenue by five to 10 percent, and cost 15 to 20 percent less.”

AI is uniquely suited to deliver continuous improvement. It never stops learning. In fact, AI doesn’t stop, period; because it’s a computer, it never takes a vacation, never needs sick days, and never goes on breaks. 

When you can offer a solution that is always getting better, your customer experience will be better. Customers won’t worry that the answer they get won’t be useful (or worse, inaccurate or out of date). Instead, they know they can rely upon you for a customer experience that will meet their needs. 

“When choosing a brand, 97 percent of global consumers cite customer service as important to their brand loyalty.”

The customer experience matters when it comes to employees, too. In the case of internal help desks and service desks, employees are the customers. They’ll have a better customer experience thanks to continuous improvement, too. 

Constantly enhancing your customer experience isn’t an impossible goal. Intelligent ITSM tools make it achievable.

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