How Can AI Make ESM Better?

09/14/2018 by: The SunView Team

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Take a second to think about how you deliver services to end-users. These aren’t just IT services – they could be facilities management. Are your users satisfied with the way these services are delivered, or do they complain that the processes to obtain these services are highly manual and time-consuming?

Unfortunately, at many organizations, service delivery to end-users lags behind service delivery to customers. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. AI enables organizations to improve their service delivery by making it faster and more efficient. Read on to learn more.

How Do You Currently Deliver Enterprise Services?

To understand what needs to change in Enterprise Service Management (ESM), we need to understand what the current process looks like. We’ll illustrate with an example.

Joe needs to book a room for a day-long conference. To do so, he must either call the facilities management department, email them, or go to the department in person. If Joe calls or emails, the call might go to voicemail and the email could go to a shared inbox, neither of which are checked more than once a week. Going in person takes time out of Joe’s busy schedule, and even after the employee at the desk checks the calendar, Joe still might not get the room because someone booked it first. 

“According to Adobe, only 15% of enterprises are using AI as of today, but 31% are expected to add it over the coming 12 months.”

The process outlined above is not only an exercise in frustration for Joe – it’s highly inefficient. Joe wastes time, effort, and money to try to accomplish what should be a simple task. With AI, ESM could become streamlined. 

Enterprise Service Management, the Next Generation of ITSM.

How ESM Would Look with AI

What would happen if your organization used an AI-enabled ESM solution? Requesting and delivering services would be streamlined. 

We’ll go back to the example with Joe. Instead of calling, emailing, or making an in-person visit, Joe would open a chatbot window and type in his request. The chatbot would look at the facility management’s department to determine whether there was a conflict on the date Joe needs the room, and if there isn’t, it will book the room. Let’s say there is a conflict; the ESM solution could suggest another room. 

“Forty-six percent of respondents to Gartner’s 2018 CIO survey said they plan to implement AI in the future.”

An AI-enabled ESM process is significantly more efficient than the manual process described earlier. It could take Joe under five minutes to reserve the room he needs, meaning he can get back to work sooner and be more productive. 

Lest you think that AI-enabled ESM is only a good fit for the enterprise, this solution has applications in a number of other industries. Healthcare, energy, and government are just three of the sectors that benefit from more efficient delivery of end-user services. 

“A study by PwC shows that 72% of business leaders believe AI is a business advantage.”

Your end-users deserve efficient, automated service delivery. AI-enabled ESM solutions provide that. To learn more, read From ITSM to ESM: The Evolution of the Digital Enterprise.

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